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We attempted a 40th reunion but the response was very limited from classmates so it didn’t work out.  However, anyone can get together at any time.  No need to wait for a special year or occasion.

If anyone would like to try to organize a gathering or reunion the website is always available to make things easier.  Otherwise we will try again for the 45th?

In the mean-time enjoy the photos below, and the link to the separate photos pages, to see or remember all the fun we had last time we got together.


"The website has put so many of us back in contact with each other!  We have been chatting like little kids. I hope the word spreads and many more add their profile.  This site will bring a higher turn-out to the next class reunion.  God willing, I know I’ll be there."

Welcome to Garfield High Class Of 1978

This website is intended to help old friends keep in touch and perhaps spark new friendships with those who have things in common.  Friends are one of the few lasting treasures of life.  May this effort provide some joy and fun to all of us –  Greg Yova ___

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We had an awesome time together!

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This seems like a wonderful idea to help the classmates get together on line. If  the people have easy access to each other they might be more inclined to keep in touch.
Wilson Woicehovich, Class President

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