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The objectives of our coming together

  • To gather together once every year to celebrate Old ACA boys day    
  • To organize workshop that will benefit current students and members    
  • To set good examples and paths for the current students to follow    
  • To address the issues and concerns of the school
  • To reunite old Aquinas boys together  
  •  To establish an easy communication center 
  • To establish well mounted connections that may benefit each other          


The idea of creating an educative and informative webpage that every Aquinas old students will have access to, no matter where we live in all part of the world is to provide strong connections among ourselves.  Some of us live in Asia, Europe, Americas, while some live in that God blessed continent, Africa. The site will serve as a resources center for the Aquinas alumni members to communicate, to share ideas, and to reach to one another at the time of needs. Also, the site will encourage easy communication and virtual meetings online.

Old Sweet high school memories

  As an old student of that beautiful school, St Thomas Aquinas College, Akure, each of us has different memories. Some are funny and good while some are not really good, but the greatest thing is that we are in different part of the world doing something today with our life. Aquinas has produced quality people that have contributed to their societies and some of us are holding better positions contributing optimistically and sharing ideas that make positive changes to our environments. Some of us are in better professions that can benefit each other and the school.

Aquinas contributed to our fortune

 This is the time for us to remember our root. It is not a fiction that the school contributed to our future, but it is a fact. The belief that Aquinas College is a part of our history cannot be overruled. The education, the celebrations (Muturu), the pains, the loves, the friendships, and the sweet memories we experienced in the school will remain with us forever. The pride of calling ourself ACA boys distinguished us from other students and made us what we are today.
  The anxiety of coming together as one ACA boys is still in us. It is time for us to say thank you to that great school, please join us to support this brilliant idea, and also to promote unity and love among ACA boys. (Thank you).