Missing Classmates

IF there is anything posted above this line, just ignore it.  It's an ad that has nothing to do with us....


Just so you know, a classmate is considered 'missing' if they meet the following criteria:  (1) they haven't created a profile on this site, AND (2) we don't have a current email address for them.  Some of the following classmates are reachable via snail mail or Facebook, but our goal is to get everyone's email address!  

Pete Aigner
Paul Anna
Lora Ashley
Kelly Auerbeck (McMullen)
Tony Boccardi
Brenda Boyles (McManus)
Kathy Brubaker
Dave Buechele
Karen Burchfield
Joe Carrieri
Kelly Clancy (Belz)
Michelle Conaway
Jessica Conrad (Rose)
Mary Ann Crookshank
John Daley
Chris Danella
JoAnne DeGennaro
Barb Dell
Diane DePaolis
George Diehl
Mark Dodson
Joyce Doyle
Michael Dunn
Charlie Ehredt
Anne Fabian
Janita Farrell
Joan Farrell
Cindy Franco
Alan Freidhof
Sandy Gordon
Enid Haller
Kevin Hallinan
Bounhavong Hatsavongsa
Anita Heininger (Ickes-Lear)
Richard Hill
Susie Hollern
Frank Hughes
Tony Iachini
Gina Iorio
Tammy Kavinsky
Kevin Kelley
Dave King
Ed Koller
Anne Marie Kutruff
Brian Leap
Mark Leib
Vicki Lynam
Kevin Mickey
Angela Miller
Chris Miller
Jamie Mohler
David Monahan
Bonnie Moyer
Mark Pielmeier
Brian Prendergast
Craig Rabits
Maureen Ramler
Anna Reyes
Gina Ricchetti
Robert Rieg
Tammy Robbins
Marla Romani
Diane Ronan
Marla Russler
Patricia Shea
Randy Shuma
Tim Smithmyer
Marie Snyder
Frank Steinbugl
Ann Stephens
Penny Stitt
Brenda Swires
Stacy Traficante
Ruth Ann Walter
Mary Beth Wiedemer
Paul Wolf
Debbie Yanchik

Guest Members

Dave Adams (Biology/Basketball)
Cathy Gooderham ('77 Schimminger)
Annette Jandora ('77 Lewis)
Tony Lepore (History/Basketball)
Lisa Mason ('79 Michelone)
Mel McConnell (Music/Band)
John Prosperi (Guidance)