School Song and Cheers

smileySchool Song  written by Edward Grigoli

Andover High all people cheer

With voices loud and clear.

We will fight with honor and uphold

The pride of our blue and gold.

Our alma mater stands up high

Far reaching to the sky.

It's A-N-D-O-V-E-R

You will hear it near and far.


smileyTitle???  Song sung after touchdowns

Cheer, cheer for Andover High

Fight to the finish

We'll miss the sky.  (???)

Keep those passes flying high

And don't let the other team get by.

We never stagger, we never fall.

We never stop when we get the ball.

Onward, onward Andover High School,

On to the next white line.

Da, da, da, da, da, da, da,



smileyFor the blue, for the blue,

    For the blue, blue, blue.

    For the gold, for the gold,

    For the gold, gold, gold.

    For the blue, for the gold,

    For the A-H-S!

    Will we win it?

    YES, YES, YES!