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04/25/15 06:55 PM #161    

Nancy Hart (O'Brien)

HI, All,

     Still standing.      Nancy hart O'Brien

04/25/15 11:20 PM #162    


Janice Colburn (Swenson)

Had a great winter in Florida but felt bad for all in the northeast who had to suffer through all that cold and snow!!

04/26/15 07:59 AM #163    

Barbara McCafferty

Hi everyone,  I was also lucky enough to be in Fl. Sometimes I pinch my self. However I did get day to day updates and did feel bad for my NH friends and family. Happy I was not in it.



04/26/15 10:45 AM #164    


Marilyn Joan Miller (DeGregorio)



     Sunny weather

     Pretty flowers

      Roses in bloom

      It's the best season

     No more snow

     Great days


















































05/06/15 02:12 PM #165    

John Clapper

In  1983,  I sold my Ariens snow blower and don't miss attacking the driveway at 600 A M at all.  I remember that my buddy Jim used to drive a snow plow for the town and messed up the end of my driveway every morning. Thank you Jim.   Spring arrived down here about March 1st with blue skies.  Everything is growing like topsy.  Love it.  All the best,  John

05/07/15 08:11 AM #166    

James Nicholas (Nicholas)

is that all you remember about me,not how handsome I was with a carasmatic personality not to mention how smart I wasn't. I forgot about the good old days.

05/13/15 08:37 AM #167    


Pamela Thomas

Dear Classmates.....

It is with sadness that I inform you of another classmate passing.  Jackie Ball passed on May 11th...his obituary is on the Burke Magliozzi Funeral Home website which is:

Rest in peace.

05/13/15 10:55 AM #168    


Marilyn Joan Miller (DeGregorio)

What an amazing person and what a remarkable life. I feel lucky to have known him.

 To his wife and family we send heartfelt sympathy.

The class of 1963 has lost a good mate.

Rest in peace Jackie, you my friend will be missed by so many.

Marilyn (miller) & Al DeGregorio

05/14/15 07:54 PM #169    

Cathy Wojtkun

Jackie and I were the best of friends since we were 3 years old.  We lived on Lincoln Circle, and the Balls were our next door neighbors.  The day we moved in, Mrs. Ball brought Jackie over to meet me, in hopes that we might be playmates.  Our moms were in the kitchen, and we were playing outside in the fenced in yard when, suddenly, Jackie started to scream and cry.  Both Moms ran out, and saw me just standing beside Jackie--for some reason, I had bitten him in the back!  When we went  to our 45th reunion and sat near Jackie and Janice and we had laughed once more over this, Jackie said that he still had the scar!  Jackie was one of my best friends all the years at schoo and beyond.  High school was a time when we both needed to have a friend nearby---and Jackie was always there for me--rain or shine.   We shared jokes, secrets, and even when we met years later, it was as if we had never been apart--we were just great friends whether we lived near or far away. His smile would light up any place on earth.  I will miss him terribly--and I'll always wonder why I bit him in the back!  Teach those angels how to make a car engine sing, Jackie!  You were the best--and always the most welcome guest at Moraine Street breakfasts!  PS  My Dad loved to see you and your smile walk through that front door--and I'll bet he'll be there at heaven's bar to buy you a beer or two! Love you, Cathy  :)


05/15/15 11:18 AM #170    


Jacqueline Atkinson (Atkinson)

We shared a name and a homeroom...he was always funny and kind. So sad he has gone so soon.

05/18/15 10:08 AM #171    


Lawrence Paolino

Sorry to hear the passing of Jack Ball.  Jack and I were close friends during our junior high years. He visited my house on many occasions and I did the same. I remember the first dance I attended back in 1958 was organized by his mom. I remember Jack as a good guy and friend, who always had a smile and a friendly greeting.

Jack you will be missed-  REST IN PEACE.

05/20/15 12:51 PM #172    


Pamela Richardson

Yesterday, May 19,2015, I went to West Parish Cemetary to plant flowers at my family's headstone for Memorial Day. While there, I saw the fresh gravesite of Jack Ball and all the funeral flowers placed over it. This was a very sobering sight: a visual reminder that our AHS Class of 1963 has lost four class mates in the 20 months since our 50th Reunion.  And their families have lost a husband, father, grandfather...... I have prayed for these families, as this is just a very hard loss for each one of them.  RIP Ron, Hal, Doug and Jack. You are missed.

05/23/15 10:21 AM #173    


Marilyn Joan Miller (DeGregorio)

Honoring all who served. Thank you for serving our country and protecting our freedom!

To all who have passed and to all who still serve God Bless you this Memorial Day and every day.

A special thank you to those who served from the class of 1963.

05/24/15 07:25 AM #174    


Pamela Thomas

Touching words, Marilyn......lest we never forget...we live in the land of the free because of the brave.

05/24/15 03:41 PM #175    


George W Bentley

A salute to all my fellow veterans in the Class of 1963 and to all who are currently serving our country and also those that have served since the creation of our country. My sincere personal gratitude to those that made the supreme sacrifice and to the others that came home with severe wounds and related problems. May God bless you all !

George W. Bentley

07/03/15 12:20 PM #176    


Marilyn Joan Miller (DeGregorio)

On our beloved Nation's Independence Day, let us remember and salute the souls that went down

for the national pride. We must pray for the ones who still serve, that keep us safe today.

To all of you from the class of 1963 who served, we thank you....

Happy 4th of July to all.

GOD BLESS  YOU.............

07/03/15 08:09 PM #177    


Pamela Thomas

Have a "Star Spangled 4th of July" Class of '63!smiley

As Always....

"Miss PJ"wink

11/11/15 04:02 PM #178    


Marilyn Joan Miller (DeGregorio)

God bless all who served then and now. No words can express how we feel. Thanks for keeping America

safe and proud to be an American.

A special thank you to all from the class of 1963 who did your part. With love for our country and all of you.

Marilyn & Al

11/25/15 12:22 PM #179    


Marilyn Joan Miller (DeGregorio)

Happy turkey day to the class of 1963. Bless you all and be safe.

Marilyn and Al.

12/15/15 04:55 PM #180    


Jacqueline Atkinson (Atkinson)

Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy 2016 to all from the Atkinsons in North Georgia.

12/20/15 01:12 PM #181    


Marilyn Joan Miller (DeGregorio)

Happy Retirement Miss P.J.

Way to go ENJOY!!!!

Happy holidays to the the class of 1963.

Marilyn and Al

12/20/15 10:33 PM #182    


Pamela Thomas

Thanks Ms. Sweet Southern Gal a.k.a. Ms. Marilyn!

A long journey with many twists and turns that eventually ended up with me being a retiree!  Boy, that is music to my ears!  Your well wishes to me for many happy years ahead is most welcomed and I will do my best to make the most of each and every day!  This is the best Christmas present ever!

And speaking of the holidays.....May the Class of '63 have a blessed Christmas and a very happy, healthy 2016!

"The Newly Retired"....yes

"Miss PJ"smiley


12/27/15 09:57 AM #183    


Jacqueline Atkinson (Atkinson)

Hope you all had a great Holiday and look forward to a new year of good health, peace and comfort.

With this crazy weather, never sure what is in store but so far, GA has been good to us. 72 on Christmas but six inches of rain...good thing we live on a hill! Hope you all are safe and sound and the weather is kind to you wherever you live. 

If you are in Northern GA, let us know.  We'd love to see you.

Best Wishes,  Jackie and John Atkinson

12/31/15 05:40 PM #184    


Marilyn Joan Miller (DeGregorio)

Happy New Year !!!! to the class of 1963.... Enjoy each and every day. Bless you all.

Marilyn and family in "HOT AND SUNNY FLORIDA"

12/31/15 09:11 PM #185    


Pamela Thomas

And, from the chilly (and, a bit snowy) north....May a warm and wonderful 2016 be a delightful year for the Class of '63! smiley






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