Scholarship Application


Williamsburg High School
Class of “1979”
Scholarship Application for 2023
· 3.0 Or higher cumulative GPA for high school (Provide Transcript)
· Applicant must be a 2023 High School graduate
· Must be accepted to a two or four year college or university
· Must be a resident of Williamsburg County
· Must attend Kingstree High School or Class of 79 (Children or Grandchildren Only)
· Must submit the following: a completed application, an official transcript and a typed written essay, an acceptance letter to a two or four year college or university
Applications, Official High School transcript and essay due March 31, 2023
Award will be determined by Award Night.
Scholarship Amount~ $1000.00~Non-Renewable
This scholarship will be payable toward tuition upon verification of admission. A check will be written to the college and or university. The deadline for submitting admission documentation is April 15, 2023
                                                                                                                                                (See Deadlines)
Applicant’s First and Last Name: ________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
Phone # _________________________________Email _______________________________________
Date of Birth _________________________________________________________________________
Parent or Guardian’s Name ______________________________________________________________
High School ______________________ City _______________________ State____________________
Essay Prompts: (Essay should not exceed one page)
1. Use two words to describe yourself. Why did you choose those attributes?
2. What will be your area of study or interest upon entering college? Why did you choose this area?
3. Tell about a time you encountered a challenging situation. How did you handle the challenge?
Enclose your application, official transcript and a typed essay in a large folder and envelope. Please do not bend or fold. Send all correspondence to:
Williamsburg High Class of 1979 Scholarship
4107 Lord Jeff Dr.
Greensboro, North Carolina 27405