AHS Today

Friday afternoon (7/27 3:00 - 4:00PM)  we have a chance to walk the halls of AHS.  Time brings both challenges, opportunities and change - starting with the Redskin logo.  In 1993  the Jefferson County School's Native American Parents Association expressed its intense dislike of the "redskin" term. The term was offensive and insulting to them. The parents did not want their children to attend a public school where, in their opinion, a derogatory term for Native Americans was being used. Taking the request seriously, then Principal Melhouse immediately consulted the faculty as to the appropriate actions. "This mission is to graduate literate, lifelong learners who have sufficient understanding about themselves and their culturally diverse world to lead satisfying and productive lives as ethical, compassionate citizens in a changing society.  With community support administrators, faculty and students retired  the Redskin logo and adopted the Bulldog. 

Another marked change in the school came in 2006..  Since 2006, AHS is the North Area Options school focused on offering programs for college preparedness and vocational success.  AHS programs are diverse;serving gifted and talented to allowing students to make up credits they have failed, or offering the ability toearn college credit while still in high school or attend the Warren Tech Building Trades program without leaving the campus. On top of that, they have a robust community program offering adult learning, family support and a food bank.

One program that truly differentiates AHS is their Academic Pathways  serving those who might be under represented in college campuses. The pathways program is not an alternative route to highschool graduation but in this case it's an accelerated route to college credit.  Computer Science, Culinary Nutirition, Journalism and Engineering are examples of the programs AHS supports.

The demographics have shifted, funding is tight, as it is all over the district - we have a chance to make a difference for a few so please consider a donation.