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Murray Soloman

Murray Soloman



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09/01/14 01:16 PM #3    

Burton Beerman

Murray and I were good friends in high school but lost contact after high school, as I left the atlanta area only to return to visit on occasion.  We did run into Murray and his wife  in Miami some years later and it was as if we had never left Atlanta, but again separated and never communicated again (it really wasn't a time for the internet and I am not a social network person even today).  I do regret not being in contact with him more.

stanley yerlow, murray and I had a little musical trio in high school. we won some kind of silly little award from a local radio station dj ( he was "the thing" in his day but I can't even remember his name, now (I bet stanley remembers his name).  Murray wanted the name of the group to be the murray solomon trio, I wanted it to be the burton beerman trio and stanley wanted it to be the stanley yerlow trio.  we couldn't agree, so we evented the name Bill Vincent as the leader.  We gave the name of the group to the dj at an interview and of course he wanted to meet the leader of the group and interview him.  we quickly improvsed some excuse why he couldn't come.

definitely wished I had kept up wth murray over the years. stanley did and I learned about murray from stanley. stanley and I have kept up with each other over the years. we have even played concerts and recorded together. that reminds me. I owe him a phone call.

None of us should look back anymore in regret because we hadn't contacted a friend who is now gone.  I do not have the best of memories of high school that I do not understand and I am sure is all my fault but Murray Solomon was a very good memory.



09/02/14 08:13 AM #4    

Demaris Humphries (Miller)

Burton's comments are close to my feelings about Murray.  I knew that trio and loved all three guys.  They were all "good guys" and lots of fun to have around.  All three contributed to music and fellowship.

Burton is also right about contact with old friends.  I have never regretted reconnecting with old friends from high school, but I have regretted losing contact with so many others.  I may be too far away to see many old friends face-to-face, but I love connecting online and sharing stories of past and present.


09/02/14 11:49 AM #5    

Robert Hayden (Hayden)

Murrray and I were in the first grade and 5 out of 7 together at SM Inman, never really close, but always good friends in the classroom and out. He taught me to respect music in all forms and the discipline that it took to be a good musician. He respected that discipline and was a great musician to the end. Keep up the beat Solidman!

09/02/14 12:05 PM #6    

Bailey Smith (Barash)

I met Murray when I came to GHS as a subfreshman and joined the band and orchestra.  Murray was in the percussion section.  We were friends all through high school.  He enjoyed being a performer, whether it was twirling the drumsticks or the cymbals as we marched down the field, or in concert.  We ran into each other off and on through the years.  I know Murray was in the Army at some point after high school, I remember running into him in uniform a few times.

As we both grew older, and I continued to see Murray around town, he gained a lot of weight.  It turns out this was not by accident.  He had decided to reincarnate W.C. Fields, and demonstrated for me his imitation of the vaudeville comedian right there in the grocery store parking lot.

That may have been the last time I saw Murray, and I was really saddend to learn of his death, now quite a few years ago.  He went his own way and made choices that made him happy.  I respect that.

09/02/14 03:35 PM #7    

Becky Goings (Mallard)

So sorry to here of Murray passing.  We started kindgarden together and went all the way thru high school.  He will be missed.  He had a lot of talent and we all got the benfit from that.  We all need to keep closer intouch we are getting older and need to be thankful for all the good year passed and present.  Becky

09/03/14 09:10 AM #8    

Dorothy Smithson (Williams)

I am very sorry to learn of Murray Soloman's passing.  He sat in the desk right behind me many years and kept us all entertained!  I wouldn't say the class clown, but he loved life and had a great sense of humor!  It's obvious as many remember this quality from Inman through Grady High. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends.  May God bless and comfort you. 

Dorothy Smithson Williams

09/03/14 10:17 PM #9    

Don Baxter

I met and hung out with Murray at Inman. I played the drums as a kid in the Inman Orchestra starting in the 5 th grade. I took Murray to meet Owen Seitz and to see if he would like to play the drums. I was with him when he took that first drum lesson. The rest is history!  I last saw Murray from afar in Sanford Stadium at a football game in 1964.  Murray was on a big platform in the middle of the Redcoat Band playing a drum solo with an enormous set of drums.  Those two events are how I remember my friend Murray Soloman.   I am so glad we all told our Murray stories, because it relives a wonderful person's life.


09/04/14 05:44 PM #10    

Sally Butler (Ferguson)

OMG, he was the nicest guy and was a good friend.  I went to Inman and he was a one of the nice guys!


09/04/14 06:03 PM #11    

Herky Harris

I knew Murray from kindegarten on at Inman and we were friends all thru Grady. Unfortunately I lost track of him after GHS.

He was great guy who I wish I'd spent more time with in our later years. We will all miss him. I agree with Becky that we ought to work hard to stay in touch and enjoy our special friendships which are a result of our time together at GHS.



09/05/14 10:22 AM #12    

James Scott

It's a joy to be reminded of so many friendships through the years at Inman and Grady as we remember Murray. I couldn't begin to count the number of classes and band rehearsals we shared over the years, and Murray always made things around him more fun. Although it's been almost 55 years, since I've seen Murray, his infectious humor remains as clear as if it were only a year or so ago. 

I was also reminded how many of us have made music such a big part of our lives, and in such diverse ways.  It all started in those remarkable music programs put together by Owen Seitz.

Best wishes to all as we remember a good friend from our mutual past!


Jim Scott

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