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Residing In: bowling green, OH
Spouse/Partner: celesta haraszti beerman
Homepage: burtonbeerman.com
Occupation: Distinguished Professor of the Arts/music
Children: brent beerman, born 1962 son
Brent is a teacher, playwright and director in the Los Angeles area.

Justin More…Beerman age 23
Jessica Celeste Beerman age 17

I have spent my life as a teacher, clarinetist and composer. A graduate of Florida State University with a Bachelor’s degree in music composition and a Masters and Doctorate from University of Michigan in music composition with a cognate in performance, I managed to find myself a 2005 Barlow Endowment commission recipient for music composition, an international award designed to encourage and financially support individuals “who demonstrate technical skills and natural gifts for the composition of great music.” I served as the former director of the MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music, which was preceeded by my founding the New Music & Art Festival at Bowling Green State University, one of the largest and possibly most visible university-based New Music Festivals in the country, now in its 31st year. Sometimes in life we luck into good things and I am very proud to be the founder of this festival and am honored by all of the people it has touched.
The New York’s Village Voice has written, “There is a remarkable clarity in the way Burton Beerman carries out the logic of his materials and he has an excellent ear for sound color…The composer displays an acute sensitivity to the differences between live sound and electronic sound and the music contains extraordinary moments when the sound seems to belong to both worlds.” I will not show you the bad reviews.
My work has been featured on CNN, CNN International on a program produced by Bailey Barash, former CNN Senior Executive Producer, Science and Technology, LIVE! with Regis & Kelly, with Stanley Yerlow and was featured on its Eastern European equivalent talk show RTL-KLUB Reggeli. I performed at the week-long Pepsi Sziget Festival at Margit Island in Budapest, Hungary, which annually attracts over 500,000 people (a bit overwhelming number for me but really a lot of fun to be a part of), and served as artist-in-residence at such venues as the STEIM Research Center in Amsterdam (one of my favorite cities to live in for an extended period). I was in residence at the Future Music Oregon (Oregon is a great place to be. Everything is not really slower, but just more humane) and LOGOS Tetrahedron Theater in Belgium (a wonderful but bizarre theater built in this odd shape).
Amongst some of the world tours, I also stayed in residency for some time in Eastern Europe with such ensembles as The Hungarian Ballet Company, Gyula Berger & Friends Dance Theatre and served as the music director and clarinetist and my composition Rape Poems of Frances Driscoll was featured at the Edinburgh International Festival, Scotland. Frances is a very special person and you should not let a day pass without reading her poetry. My virtual video-opera Jesus’ Daughter was presented at the Walter Reade Gallery in Lincoln Center, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and at venues in Switzerland and Italy sponsored by UNESCO-CIRET. This work was based on a true story about child abuse and the process of writing the music and libretto was an awakening experience for me. It is a poignant rendition of the reality of domestic violence. The research to write the work was painful and numbing but has left me forever with a social conscience. Performances of my works have taken place in such venues as Paris (American Cultural Centre and the Theatre Universitaire), Italy, Town Hall in Brussels, Budapest, Vienna, London, Taiwan Japan, the Chopin Hall in Mexico City, Netherlands and New York’s Carnegie Hall, CAMI Hall, the Flea Theater, Symphony Space and Dia Concert spaces.
TIKVAH, a chamber music oratorio based on the memoirs of living Holocaust survivor Phillip Markowicz was presented in Atlanta in celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday and featured the combined choirs from his Ebenezer Baptist Church and the Temple Singers directed by Cantor Deborah Benardot. TIKVAH absorbed me for 4 years with a sudden urgency that had to be written.

Time marched on and somehow find myself a Distinguished Professor of the Arts (music composition) Emeritus at Bowling Green State University and am the 2009 recipient of the Governor’s Award in Ohio as Individual Artist of the Year, who is recognized as a “distinguished artist sustaining extraordinary artistic talents and achievements throughout his career”. Somebody seemed to believe all the press.
I do choke a bit when reading such press. I honestly still feel 18 and leaving Atlanta for Tallahassee. I feel just as vulnerable and naive and the bigger part of me has no idea what this has been about. None of it really means much. Time has taught us all that it is family and simpler things that have any real meaning; if only I had known that when I was younger. I probably wouldn’t have done anything differently, but just would have felt differently about it. Certainly I would have been less frantic about the journey.

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BURTON BEERMAN has left an In Memory comment for MURRAY SOLOMAN.
Sep 01, 2014 at 4:33 PM

Murray and I were good friends in high school but lost contact after high school, as I left the atlanta area only to return to visit on occasion.  We did run into Murray and his wife  in Miami some years later and it was as if we had never left Atlanta, but again separated and never communicated again (it really wasn't a time for the internet and I am not a social network person even today).  I do regret not being in contact with him more.

stanley yerlow, murray and I had a little musical trio in high school. we won some kind of silly little award from a local radio station dj ( he was "the thing" in his day but I can't even remember his name, now (I bet stanley remembers his name).  Murray wanted the name of the group to be the murray solomon trio, I wanted it to be the burton beerman trio and stanley wanted it to be the stanley yerlow trio.  we couldn't agree, so we evented the name Bill Vincent as the leader.  We gave the name of the group to the dj at an interview and of course he wanted to meet the leader of the group and interview him.  we quickly improvsed some excuse why he couldn't come.

definitely wished I had kept up wth murray over the years. stanley did and I learned about murray from stanley. stanley and I have kept up with each other over the years. we have even played concerts and recorded together. that reminds me. I owe him a phone call.

None of us should look back anymore in regret because we hadn't contacted a friend who is now gone.  I do not have the best of memories of high school that I do not understand and I am sure is all my fault but Murray Solomon was a very good memory.



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Granddaughters, Emily (15), Sydney (3), and grandson, Hunter (13 Hours). Emily is Stephanie's daughter and Sydney and Hunter are Lindsay's children.
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