Jackie Fletcher Crenshaw

Profile Updated: May 10, 2012
Residing In: Port Orchard, WA USA
Spouse/Partner: Harold
Occupation: Retired
Children: Jeff..born 1960--Irene born 1961--Lynette born 1963..Lorena born 1967
Military Service: Army wife count for 3 years?  

Got 11 total
Jeff's: Candi 23..Crystal 21..Curtis..19
Irene's: Brian 33..Scott 32..Jay 27
Lynette's: Tyler 30..David..27..Frankie 21
Lorena's: Joey 20....Jackie Rose 17

Great grand kids too--
8 with # 9 on the way
From Brian: Dylan 16..(he was our wedding gift from Brian's wife Prima)
Brandon 11..Katie 8..Justin 7

From Scott..Makenzie 13..Cody 11..Ellie 8

From Tyler..a little girl ? name... due in Feb 2011
She arrived March 2nd...little Haylee
now # 10 is due around October 2011
#10...Emily, born in Florida...Oct 11, 2011


After Harold and I raised the kids, we started a "mom & pop" painting business..the amazing thing is we were together at work and at home...together 24/7 and came through it still liking each other. August 4th was anniversary # 48. We retired in April of 2007.
We've had lots of good times, and some bad times.
The worst was four years ago. On the day of our 44th anniversary we were told Harold had prostrate cancer. He opted for surgery and things went along well for a couple years, than the ugly C started to raise it's head again, and he had 6 1/2 weeks (33) radiation treatments.
He drove to Seattle VA and back to Port Orchard for each of the 33 treatments..he said he survived the surgery, but wasn't sure he'd survive my driving.
Now we are enjoying doing...really nothing..enjoying life.

School Story:

The day I went into the gym and this new gal was sitting there...I walked up to her and introduced my self..this was the start of a life long friendship..Betty Greer Franz..
She and Rod are the only 2 people who have been at my side both times I got married. They were there when Frankie and I married...and helped me through when he died...they are the ones who took Harold and I to Idaho to elope.
I don't see her much, but I know Betty is just a phone call away...

Response to the question on the 50th Class Reunion Questionnaire

Didn't attend this one

Where else have you lived?

Do you really want to know? Auburn..Naselle..South Bend..Long Beach..Ocean Park..Black Diamond...Covington..Edgewood..Algona..Longview..Kelso...and finally Port Orchard

Still have family around Auburn

No...my mom had a stroke 5 years ago and we moved her over here , so don't go back much.

04/2012---Mom still plugging along...she's 90 1/2 now...stage 3 dementia...she's like a 5 year old in her mind...but that ol' body is still going strong!!!

05/10/2012...On April 20, an angle came down and swooped my mom up, and took her to heaven to be with dad...wow... after a 33 year seperation what a reunion that must have been...bet they are still partying....like one of my girlfriends told me..."I'm sorry for you, but not your mom"...she went to bed, went to sleep and slipped away!

What do you do now?

The least possible

Do you still see/talk to/hang out with any classmates? Who?

My good buddy Betty Franz---Greer...I seem to have lost contact with the rest.

What did you do right after high school?

Raise kids

Past jobs?

At home mother then a Waitress..flagger & Painter

High Points of your life since high school?

Marrying Harold and my family...and going to 2 Rose Bowls and see the Dawgs win both.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I go to water Aerobics a couple times a week...go to TOPS once a week...go to Red Hat events...yes I'm a Red Hatter..go to Bar Stool B-I-N-G-O to win cheep prizes...
Besides visiting the grandkids and Greats...we love to go to Tokeland/Grayland, after the yummy razor clam

04/2012...guess I could add..I did manilla clams. Most may not know, but I am a registered member of the Squaxin Island Indian Tribe (in Shelton) and to make extra money Harold and I dig manilla clams with some of the other members... We get to dig our limit of 140 pounds..and if we have a good tide and have time ( 3 hour tide) I am the designated digger for my cousin and we dig her 140 pound limit..the nice thing is the tribe pays cash $$$ on the beach. We are todl which tides and at which beaches we can dig.. We enjoy it..it's work but it's surprising how good you feel after, tired but good. Since I am an "Elder" now, we do quite a few things with the Elders. Now that spring and summer is arriving, we will be going to Elders Host Luncheons at different Reservations...that's fun too. Usually get a bag of "goodies:..stuff and a great lunch, Native American entertainment. Get to spend good time with my relatives and friends from the Rez.

Travel much?

Other than the Beach, we go to Vegas a couple times a year..
do plan a trip to Florida next spring to see Jeff's kids...

Did go to Florida late in March 2011... we got reacquainted with Crystal, our grandaughter we haven't seen in 12 years...she was 8 last time we saw her, now she is almost 21...a wonderful young lady that we are very proud of!!!!!!!!!

What is your favorite memory of AHS?

It's so long ago, my memory has failed me..

What is your least favorite memory of AHS?


What are your memories of high school

The thing I remember most is in 1958 we were tied with Sumner in Football for the bottom spot and they beat us 42-0...and our basketball team...If my memory doesn't fail me..we were 0-18
Then there was Mrs. Dupree's hair...she never had a hair out of place, I would have loved just to mess it up

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