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What are some of the moments that you cherish from your high school days? An embarrassing moment? A Funny thing happened? Share your stories...

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08/22/11 12:23 PM #1    


Jonathan Peninger

Senior Band Field Trip- Accompanied by Ryan Egerdahl and Dave Alexander we set off for Vancouver Canada in my Brown Nosing Blue 59 VW Beetle. For those who may remember it she had a medium blue body, dark blue rear fenders( from a 12 volt 68- mine was 6 volt) and a rusted brown front hood. In those days I was accused of being a brown noser to my teachers especially Schweikl( also my baseball coach). There were days when she wasn't parked where I put her- any key would start it.  Defying the "Dress Code" we set off in tank tops, ragged cut offs. We met up with the band in Stanley Park. Not well received by Mr Herron, Zando and Ryan hung a BA as we drove by the bus. Needless to say, at school on Monday all three of us were suspended pending a visit by our parents to Mr Wedekind. It was worth it! A pastor's son, teacher's kid and me...

08/19/12 03:30 PM #2    

Denise Eberle (Boyd)


Loved seeing the pics of the reunion -- anyway of adding names to the pics???

Thanks so much!!!!


08/21/12 07:23 PM #3    

Susan Franz (Sprague)

For the Terminal Park people who were trying to remember our Kindergarten teacher's name - wasn't it Mrs. Volin or something like that?

06/10/16 09:54 PM #4    

Gale Davis

Hello All,

My Mom recently moved to Auburn Meadows Senior Living and guess who is her dining room partner.  Mrs. Ida Mae Struve.  She worked in the office while we were there and I spent a year working with her.  She is ninety years young and still has that beautiful personality. 

Gale Davis


RIP a wonderful lady

Ida Mae Struve passed away peacefully on March 19, 2019, at age 100.




06/11/16 06:01 AM #5    


Shelly Knapton (Payne)

I loved Ida Mae . . . she was quite a sweet heart. Memories! Thanks Gail!

06/13/16 10:21 AM #6    

Harvey Roberts

Yes Sue.  Mrs. Volin was our kindergarten teacher.  She lived on 29th street right next to Dean Moergeli.

06/13/16 10:25 PM #7    

Robin Hipol

Thanks, Gale, for your post about Mrs. Struve. I must go see her. She was a good friend of my Grandmothers. I also spent a couple years working in the Attendance Office and did some banking for the various clubs. I enjoyed working for her. Her husband use to own Struve's Music store on Main St. across from Rainbow's Cafe. I use to order records thru him. We must do a 45th gathering and invite her (if she is up to it).

06/14/16 06:49 AM #8    


Jonathan Peninger

Excellent idea Robin!

08/24/16 09:44 AM #9    

Deb Morris (Severson)

I remember buying 45's from her at the record store on Main Street for 99 cents each!  Really doesn't seem that long ago.

02/15/22 01:32 PM #10    

Jim Jackson (Jackson)

Does anyone know where Doug Moman or Dennis Wolf are living?

Thanks for any infor.

    Jim Jackson

02/16/22 08:29 AM #11    


Don Crepeau

I know Doug passed. He was a friend on Facebook. The other I don't know anything about.

07/03/22 12:19 PM #12    

Julian Gonzales


OK, it is official!!  I'm gonna be at the 50th to see how everyone is doing.  See ya all there!!


08/29/22 07:11 PM #13    


Elaine Wittman (Plowman)


Your post about your bettle brought back a sweet and funny memory.  Patti (Bykonen) and I always had a hearty LOL every time we saw or passed a VWB. We had to say it first or the other one got pinched.  "SLUG A BUG BEETLE BAM BUG, NO REBOUND".  Wierd huh.  Did one of us make up this riddle or did we borrow it from somewhere?

Elaine Wittman Plowman2018; Ellison, Elliana, Sonni & Kyndle, I love my grands. I call them meeps.  They call me meepmeep (like beepbeep, but with an m. (my initials, mep with an extra e to make it work and said twice to make it work. By all means don't call me grandma. !!!!


08/29/22 08:55 PM #14    


Jonathan Peninger

Cool! Thats funny!

08/30/22 09:00 AM #15    

Kathie Wight (Schermerhorn)

So sad that we lost Patty this year. I always loved to hear her laughter. I hope you are doing well Elaine! 

02/06/23 02:01 PM #16    


Elaine Wittman (Plowman)

Kathie, yes I miss Patty also. She was a kind person, "always". My best friend in HS. She came to visit me once in NC. I visited her once twice; once in California and once in Washington at our 20th HS reunion.

03/17/24 01:27 AM #17    


Shelly Knapton (Payne)

In response to the message we received via email about Dick Cinkovich at home recovering from heart surgery and requesting prayers, I pray that Dick recovers completely.  But he not only recovers but also thrives to proclaim the works of the Lord!  I pray for warring angels to encamp around Dick, Ruth and all his loved ones.  I apply the Blood of the Lamb over the blood, bones, and cells, and especially Dick's heart.  Like a mighty torrent, may "Your Spirit Father God swallow up every evil plan of the enemy; let justice roll on like a river and righteousness like a never-failing stream; and let Peace flow like a gentle river in their lives from this day forward!" For "It's not by might; it's not by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts."  In the name of Jesus, I pray. . . Amen!

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