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03/14/13 06:20 PM #1    

Wayne Price

Welcome to the Academy Of Richmond Co High School Class Of 1974 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

06/15/13 10:33 AM #2    


Pamela Rose (Randall)

Some of the missing classmates are on Facebook if you want to contact them, I am friends with them can I help with getting you the information? Let me know.



pam rose RandallRandall


11/18/13 05:24 PM #3    

Ruben Burney, II

02/13/14 03:15 PM #4    

Marla Ergle (Noseworthy)

I am sorry to report that I won't be able to attend. My flight was cancelled and I have no hopes of getting it rescheduled.  My original flight in to Augusta was coming through Charlotte and was cancelled this morning.  No way to reschedule through Atlanta either.  So far, the Philadelphia airport is closed.  We got about 9 more inches on top of wht we already had, a total of about 3 feet so far and we're expecting another 4-6 tonite.

I am so SAD!  Take lots and lots of pictures and let's think about scheduling the NEXT one for sometime in the summer :)

02/14/14 02:57 PM #5    

Susan Nooney (Newton)

We are digging out but with our 22" of snow I will not make it to the reunion.  Maybe our next one can be in the Spring.  Have fun.


02/16/14 01:56 PM #6    

Mark Roland

There are not enough words or words powerful enough to convey the incredible job done by the committee!A magnificent event with memories to take to eternity. Several of us talked about every 5 years with the crescendo of 1 of this years magnitude at the next 10 year milestone. The 5 year would be a simple get together at the lake or a park our someone could host it in their home. In other words, more opportunity to see friends who helped forge precious memories more often. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN for a fabulous evening.

02/17/14 09:51 AM #7    

Jayne Prestwood (Crown)


Your words are well said and I'm so glad you could make it. 


02/17/14 01:31 PM #8    

Janis Prestwood (Belcher)


02/17/14 04:39 PM #9    

Margaret Lester (Jordan)

Mark, I agree! Let's do a simple meeting somewhere in five! It was so wonderful to see and talk with you all!

02/17/14 04:58 PM #10    

Marla Ergle (Noseworthy)

Can't wait to see ALL of the pix!  It sounds like it was a huge success and sooooo much fun!laughyes

02/17/14 05:33 PM #11    

Catherine Rawlins (Stork)

Great idea!  Like Wayne said beer and chex mix!!!

02/18/14 09:34 PM #12    


Nancy Seidenberg (Blumenthal)

I just wanted to say that i had a wonderful time and i so appreciate all the hard work that went into this planning. It felt so good to see everyone and i do believe everyone that i spoke to has aged very well. our class rocks.

04/14/16 11:53 AM #13    


Kay Jackson (Merriweather)

Congrats to Brooks Keel, to be installed as President of Augusta University next week!!!

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