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12/11/08 06:04 PM #1    

Mike Luhm


12/13/08 06:40 PM #2    

Shea McCort

what comes after first

01/02/09 12:13 AM #3    

Joy Wagner (Hellums)

I'm thinking, what can we do to locate those that have not logged in? I wonder if the message forum could help serve as a posting site for those of us that have passed the information along. For example, I know of at least one guy that has not logged in, but his wife has, so that's one less person we need to search for. So, just seeing what everyone else thinks! And let me know what I can do to help!

Excited about the reunion, I know we've all moved on and past high school, but there are SO many people that I'd love to just touch base with, give a hug to, share some stories with, and let them know that although we may not talk now, I'm grateful for the impact they made on my life.

12/17/09 04:29 PM #4    

Erin Elliott (Berry)

Not sure if everyone remembers a classmate by the name of Audrey Austin, she left before we graduated but I was just letting you all know that she passed away this week.

01/06/11 03:38 PM #5    

Rick Fears

Hmmm...  I guess I could go through Facebook and tell 4 or 5 of them to join this site, that could be a start

03/17/15 11:21 AM #6    

Paul Reasons

We're old. 

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