Bruce Bongardt

Profile Updated: October 13, 2009
Residing In: La Habra, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Josie
Occupation: Mechanical Design Engineer / Consultant
Attending Reunion


School Story:

School Musicals - can't remember a single line now but certainly remember burning my foot in the dry ice barrel while coming off stage during closing night of "Carousel", perhaps the more memorable part was being assisted by Cindy & Paige - thanks girls! Stacks ... what can I say ... Kahoe you lucky bastard ...

Carrolliares with Sr. Rosanne and dodging Sr. Kostka's watchful eyes for homeroom.

Coach Mackley - football - keep trying and never give up, no room in life for quitters ... thanks coach!

Coach O'Brien - Baseball - that arse benched me the entire Junior season - what a ...!

Friday night cruising with John B. in his caddy and Chris H.; weekend parties with Paul, Dino, and Kyrle (Malone's were the best); with determination "The 3 Arrows" may one day rise again, Matt P. and John G.

Mr. Desmond's Russian class - ouch - language was never my forte!

Thanks for all the dates, proms, etc. LI, KK, JG, CJ, AR, SP and anyone else I may have missed, you know who you are, great times and wouldn't trade any of them ... except never did get a chance to ask out AD, HL, or TS (Junior) ... perhaps in another lifetime if I ever had the guts!

Senior Retreat at Sparks(?) - where I first learned that everyone is spiritually called in some way by God ... listen and we all can quietly hear Him!

I truly believe the Holy Spirit has guided me to my current mission to share my seemingly impossible ALTERNATIVE WORK SCHEDULES and my FUSIAM philosophy with everyone. If it's His will, my mission will be successful ... so if anyone wants to find out more, see my videos below and please get in touch with me.

God's Peace and Love Be With You All My Friends!

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Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:46 AM