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Message From The Pastor

A Message from the Pastor

As I write this, our congregation is two years short of our 100th year of ministry in Bergenfield.


When this congregation began it was a refuge for white, mainline church members who were moving from Hudson County and New York City. They were coming to a rural area and they established a white Protestant town.


In these ninety-eight years of ministry, we have done magnificent work, have blessed the lives of thousands of people, and contributed to hundreds of missions. Yet, we have been in numerical decline for several decades. It is not that we are doing anything wrong, but the demographics in town have changed and drifted from being white protestant.


Out of the crisis has become creativity. COVID-19 has pushed us toward expanding our ministry with online worship on Facebook and YouTube. Our worship is now being heard beyond our town.


In response to the changing demographics, we have hired a Spanish-Speaking church planter to begin ministering to the Spanish-Speaking community in Bergenfield and nearby towns.


Our first hundred years have been spent doing ministry to white English-speaking people. Our second hundred years will include Spanish Speakers and we will be, once more, reflective of our where we live.


We invite you to come and join us and come to know Christ’s peace.