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Statement of Purpose

BCCC Statement of Purpose

BCCC Statement of Purpose

The Bergen County Council of Churches is a council for Christian Churches located in Bergen County. Congregations from all Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox Christian Denominations ministering in Bergen County are welcomed and encouraged to participate. Through our Interfaith Brotherhood and Sisterhood Committee, we also work with all of the different faith communities of Bergen County.

The purpose for the Council is to express through fellowship, cooperation and service, the essential unity of the Christian Churches of Bergen County. United in Christ, we are able to increase the witness of our local congregations on a County level.

Part of our witness is extending our hands of friendship to members of other faith communities and residents of Bergen County and working on common programs that will provide services for all who are in need of our compassion and concern.

Although our primary purpose is to work with the Christian Churches of Bergen County to extend our witness and service within and beyond the County, we are happy to work in partnership with other individuals, groups and agencies that share our desire to serve "even the least of our brethren".