Favorite Teacher Survey

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1)   Who Was Your Favorite Teacher

  Mr. John Armstrong
  Ms. Emma Bailey
  Mr. Whitfield Battle
  Ms. Marzella Berry
  Ms. Addlyn Brewer
  Ms. Ella Byrd McCain
  Mr. Eziekel Davis
  Mr. Albert Felder
  Mr.. Cornelius Hinton
  Ms. Hazel Jackson
  Ms. Eleanor Jenkins
  Mr. William Harvey Johnson
  Ms. Lillie King Singleton
  Ms. Marion Marzette
  Mr. Edward McClure
  Ms. Lillie Miller
  Mr. Edward Nunn
  Ms. Vera Price
  Ms. Nell Smart Oden
  Mr. Joseph Sommerville
  Ms. Ethel Stewart Burke
  Ms. Doris Tolbert Chandler
  Mr. Roscoe Wells
  Ms. Ruth Woods Cooper Matthews
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