70th Birthday Attendance

This is a list of classmates who responded that they plan to attend the "70th Birthday Party".  If there are errors, omissions or changes, please advise our web-site.

The last (classmate) names are alphbetical for ease of use.


State             Classmate


MN     Cherrie Abrahamson Magnuson

OH     Sandy Berglove Pahl ?

MN     Alan Berglund

PA     Sharon Bielke Sybrandt

WI      Katly Blake Hageseth  ?

MN     Steve Blodgett

MN     Virginia Bolkcom  (outstate)

CA      Gerald Carlson

NE      Mary Sue Carlson Kirby

MN     Terry Carr

WI      Tim Clough

ID       Jeff Dale

UT     Pat Dale Shea

MN     Susan Davis Kirk

MN     Jeannene DeCorsery Zimmel

MN     John Diers

MN     Cheryl Dolan Belden

MN     Pat Dresher Abercrombie

MN     Shirley Engdahl Bonacci

MN     Janet Everest Hoffman

AL      Pat Fettter Seay

CA     Janet Gabrielson Wilson   

KY     Mike Garkovich

FL      Bruce Gensmer

MN    Joan Goodoien Brady

MN    George (Buddy) Hengel

IN      Jeff Hagen

MS    Karen Hessenflow Keely/Smith

MN     Sandy Heylman Borsheim (outstate)

MN     Jim Holmbeck

MN     Bob Hoppe

MN     Mike Indre

MN     Doug Iverson

WI      Judy Iverson Sheflet

MN     Jean Jacobson Nybo

AZ      Anna Janssen Christopher

MN     Mary Jepson Karlquist

MN     Julie Jerpbak Little

NC     Doug Johnson

MN     Judy Johnson Pierce

MN     Joan Jorgenson

MN     Judy Jorgenson

MN     Diane Ketterling Grendahl (outstate)

ND     Wayne Kittleson

TX     Merle Knox

WI     Ken Kraubauer

MN    Barb Lindgren Tennessen

MN    Donna Logan Pope

CA    Anne Lukach Davis

CA    Sue Maiwurm Stratton

MN    Dave Marxhausen

MN    Gary Miller   ?

WA    Mary Mueller Witt

MN    Tom Murashie

??     Kathy Murphy Keys  ?

MN    Dennis Nybo

TX     Ronald Nystedt

MN    Roger Oelschlager

MN    Kathy Olson Petersen

MN    Denny Otteson

MN    Joanne Palmer Seaberg

ND    Diane Person Kittleson

MN    Bev Peterson Blodgett

MN    Sandra Polk Swenson

MO    Carol Posz Schneider

WI     Sharon Potter Peterson

MO    Jim Rasmussen

MN     Dale Revak

MN    Joanne Savage Fischer

MN    Ann Sievertson Brostrom

MN     Candy Sirany Drong

MN    Bob Smith

MN    Charlotte Somers Drenckhahn (outstate)

MN    Del Soppeland

MN    Dean Stendal

MN    Ken Streeter

MN    Pam Taylor Pelletier

OR    Ally Thorson Borowsky

MN    Mary Throngard Peterson

MN    Randy Vick

FL      Mike Vober

MN    Dave Wee

MN    Tom Weeklund

MN    Connie Williams Neuville