Missing Classmates

Initially everyone for whom we don't have an email address is listed as a missing classmate. Please click on your own profile to verify. If you have contact info for any of these people, please invite them to join the site.

Gregg Allen
Paula Baker
Noell Bass
Barry Baughman
Elgin Boggan
Tami Bradshaw
David Byrd
Terry Cannada
Kelly Carter
Kim Clements
Joe Cooper
John Crain
Stacy Curry
Brent Evers
Cherie' Givens
Minnie Grant
Melanie Gregory
Cindy Harris
Jim Hotten
Stephanie Jackson (Hicks)
Carol Johnston (Stone)
Vickie Joyner (Proctor)
Leandra Lowe
Chip Marsman
Durwood McGuffee
Carol Moore
Melanie Moore (Pollard)
Michelle Norwood
Sharon Norwood
Wallace Prince
Shirley Purvis
Al Ralston
Tabitha Ramage
Livi Sheffield (Hallmark)
Antonio Stevenson
Christie Volz
Don Watkins
Kim Whatley
Scott White
Bobby Williams
Charles Wooten