50th Reunion Survey

It's hard to believe it's been almost two months since we were celebrating our 50th BHS Class Reunion and trying to "remember when" we last had the chance to catch up with each other!

We realized that too many years had passed between reunions and we didn't want time to get away from us before having another party with our fabulous fun friends! So, with that being said, please help get the ball rolling for future reunions by providing your feedback on our 50th and beyond.

Even if you weren't able to attend the 50th, please share your thoughts about future reunions!

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1)   What was your favorite part of our 50th Reunion weekend?

2)   What could we improve on for our next reunion?

3)   What activity would you suggest adding to or dropping from our next reunion schedule?

4)   Did you like having our 50th Reunion events spread over the three days? (Yes/No and include any thoughts about the schedule)

5)   Do you prefer having a reunion over a 3-day holiday weekend? (If yes, which 3-day weekend is your preference: Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc)

6)   If we schedule a reunion on a non-holiday weekend would you still attend? (If yes, do you have suggestions as to time frame: Buhler Frolic weekend, a weekend in late Sept, etc…

7)   Are you in favor of having annual 'mini' reunions beginning in 2017? (with a big reunion every 5 years)

Yes No
8)   Would you consider attending a reunion (not the 51st) at a destination (TBD) other than the Hutch / Buhler area?

Yes No
9)   What would you consider a reasonable ticket price, assuming we do not receive donations for future events. (We were fortunate to receive generous donations for our 50th allowing us to price the ticket at $20.)

10)   Would you consider being on the planning committee? (most 'meetings' are held via a conference call)

Yes No