Missing Classmates


We have reached 65% of classmates who have signed on to the site! We would love to get that figure up to 80% or better and we can use your help in doing so. If you know anyone on the 'missing classmate' list, please contact them and ask them to sign on to the site.

This website is a tool for us to reach everyone about the upcoming 40th class reunion and hopefully many more reunions to come.  We don’t want anyone to feel excluded by not receiving notification of the reunions whether or not they are planning to attend. All are welcome on the site to check in on some old friends.

If your name is showing on this page and you have signed on to the site, please accept our appologies. We try to keep it updated but some get past us!!

Thank you all for your support of the site!

Joseph Abdissa
Charles Amborn
Mary Lou Ambron (Curtis)
Jerry Bacon
Brad Bailey
Wayne Barrows
Joseph Burke
Donna Carpentier
Deborah Collemer (Knutson)
Robert Craig Jr
Lynn Davis (Chaffee)
Michael Dean
Gerald Dugas
Joyce Escancy
Raymond Escancy
Scott Escancy
Rick Estabrook
Robert Gaudette
Calvin Haley
Darryl Hemenway
Gail Herrick (McDonald)
Jeffrey Hodgdon
Penny Hoppe
Pam Jenkins
Priscilla Johnson (Judkins)
Roger Jones Jr
Scott Kinne
Richard Kinney
Glen Knight
Lorna Lane (Street)
Dayrl Libby
Jody Maddocks (Held)
Sara Martin
Charles Martz Jr
Tom McKay
David McNair
Michael Mitchell
Mary Parrish (Starrett)
Becky Pease (Hughes)
Sarah Porter (Spear)
Sue Sheren (Converse)
Robbin Skinner (Hansen)
Robert Small
Daniel Spooner
Cary Starrett
Marc Stevens
Cindy Stilkey (Dyer)
Anita Stinson (Michelson)
Liz Sweetland (Carter)
Sandy Talbot (Jackson)
Tim Tolman
Jody Trout
Janice Vaughn (Thomas)
Jim Weed
Kathy Wiley (Pinkham)
Sally Willis (Varney)