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03/02/09 01:56 PM #1    

Elton Mayfield

Welcome to the Caney Valley High School Class Of 1984 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/02/09 09:09 PM #2    

Elton Mayfield

This forum is a great way for us to share updates, ask questions and bascially get caught up.

Hope everyone is doing great.


03/06/09 09:39 AM #3    

Eric Melton

Hello all. Buildup those biographies! :-)

03/10/09 11:10 PM #4    

Elton Mayfield

How about other classmates?

I was talking with Bob Anderson via Facebook and he mentioned that he is in Caney often on Memorial Day weekend.

How's everyone feel about former classmates who moved away coming to our reunion?

I think it would be pretty cool to see some of those folks.


03/13/09 08:52 PM #5    

Doris DePriest (Johnston)

You know once from Caney always from Caney, I would love to see everyone! :-) Happy Birthday to all those with March Birthdays! Remember you are NOT getting older just getting better with age!

03/27/09 05:15 PM #6    

Eric Melton

Hi all.
I'm attending an Army civilian Leader course at Ft. Leavenworth the 6-17th of April, and since the Army centrally funds this course (and stingily gives only a single room), I'll be dropping Svetlana with my Mom in Caney and will be in town some myself the weekends around/between my training (4/5, 11/12, 18/19).

Svetlana is learning English, so this will help her, being immersed in an environment with no other options, so feel free to drop by and chat as well. ;)

Maybe will see some of you around...
and my cell is 520-678-6882.

I plan to fly back for the reunion weekend myself, she may or may not join me for that... we'll see how she survives the first two weeks in the BIG CITY first. ;)


05/21/09 10:54 PM #7    

Doris DePriest (Johnston)

I can't wait to see everyone this weekend, I think this will be our best ever reunion! I am still quite sure that we have not been out of school for 25 years :)

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