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Terry Trippler

Profile Updated: February 19, 2017
Terry Trippler
High School Class Of:
Residing In:
Dallas, TX USA
Internet Travel Site Owner
Two -
Kelly- living in Minneapolis with 2 sons
Amanda - living in Dallas
Yes! Attending Reunion
Are you a CHS High School Graduate or Canova Elementary Student?

Yes, I graduated from CHS

Do you have Grandchildren? How Many?

two - Spencer and Maxwell


I bought the Cafe in Canova and had it for two years.
Then worked for Northwest Airlines in Detroit
Then married and moved to Minneapolis
Now living in Dallas and launching a new site
Was fortunate and lucky enough to have TV networks and major newspapers throughout the world - contact me for quotes and stories on the airline-travel industry.
Have been in the airline-travel industry since 1968
Hit 70 last year (2016) and just feeling I am starting to live.
Miss South Dakota and Canova and hope to get back in 2017 or 2018

Favorite TV Show of All Time

Blue Bloods

Where else have you lived?

Lived in
Detroit, Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Sioux Falls
Luverne, Minnesota
Willmar, Minnesota
Burnsville, Minnesota
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Custer, South Dakota
Dallas, Texas

How old do you feel?


Any gray hair yet


What is your favorite memory of CHS

Class plays and track season when we all had the run of the school from 2:00 in the afternoon on.

Do you like Coke or Pepsi?


Terry's Latest Interactions

Terry Trippler posted a message.
Mar 14, 2017 at 8:41 AM

I saw where this DEMOCARAT (Go Trump) is having a birthday. Seriously, I sincerely hope you have had a great life to date and let's remember we are all going to 100 years old. I plan on keep working until at 100 (or better) my head will just drop over on to the keyboard and the only question is what letter will keep coming up on the screen.

Lynn and I are living in Dallas, Texas with Amanda. We spent winter of 2016 in Custer, SD and it was NOT a good move. Lynn was in Rapid City hospital two times, I rolled the car and Amanda finally came up from Texas and said "you two are moving to Texas where I can take care of you. Damn that was a great idea. We have never been healthier or happier - love the weather down here. This coming weekend we are to be in the 80's. Tulips and Daffodils are up and in full bloom. Pansies every where you look.

Hope to get up to a reunion within the next few years. Again, hope all has and is going well for you - even though you are a Democrat (go Trump). If you had not figured it out by now - we are Trump supporters.

Terry Trippler

Terry Trippler posted a message.
Feb 19, 2017 at 4:37 PM

See you are also in Texas. Lynn and I moved to Dallas and love it. Really having a great winter this year. Hope you and Barb and your family are healthy and doing well.

Terry Trippler