Class Facts

Class Motto:  What lies before us and what lies behind us are insignificant considering what lies within us.

Class Flower: Yellow Rose

Class Colors: Purple & White

Class Advisors: Marsha Holmes, Bill Miklovic

Valedictorian: Joe Lipar

Salutatorian: Muriel Joslin

Class Officers: Sarah Ransford (President), Lisa Sauber (Vice President), Amy Skidmore (Secretary), Adam Wilson (Treasurer)


Homecoming Queen: Val Gusko

Coming Home King:  Jeff Raymond

Snowball Theme:  "Once Upon A Time"

Snowball King:  Tim Baker

Snowball Queen:  Rhonda Bishop

Prom Theme: "One Moment In Time"

Prom King: John Vandenbossche

Prom Queen: Lisa Sauber

Class Elections:

Class Clown: Larry Wolford, Dana Romain
Most Athletic: Jeff Raymond, Lori Loeffler
Most Likely to Succeed: Joe Lipar, Lynn Orlowski
Best Friends: Jeff Raymond & Justin Wasik, Carrie Lubaczewski & Lori Loeffler
Cutest Couple: Chris Lunsted & Rhonda Bishop

Junkiest Car: Lee Huffine, Amy Skidmore
Best Body: Justin Wasik, Val Gusko
Best Dressed: Justin Wasik, Leah DeRocco
Nicest Eyes: John Vandenbossche, Alisha Summersett
Nicest Smile: Larry Wolford, Tanya Lubaczewski
Easiest To Get Along With: Tim Baker, Sarah Ransford
Class Pest: Joey Amend, Mitzi LaValley
Big Mouths: Craig Campbell, Lisa Sauber, Joe Lipar
Best Personality: Tim Baker, Laura Skinner
Class Brownie: Jeff Raymond, Lori Ford
Class Flirt: Jeff Raymond, Marcy Amend
Shyest: Paul Reid, Andrea Gomez
Class Skipper: Brad Zuraw, Melissa LaPratt
Best Dancer: Judd Krause, Leah DeRocco
Class Partier: John Vandenbossche, Lori Dykes
Class Moocher: Shane Marzullo, Tesha Suranye
Most Excuses: Eric Herdell, Amy Skidmore
Nicest Car: Paul Reid, Lisa Sauber

Class Favorites:

Song:  "Wild Thing"

Group:  Guns & Roses

Male Vocalist:  George Michael

Female Vocalist:  Samantha Fox

TV Show: Married... With Children

TV Actor:  Bill Cosby

TV Actress:  Cybil Shepherd

Movie of 88/89: Twins

Movie of All Time: Top Gun

Movie Actor:  Arnold Schwarzenegger

Movie Actress:  Demi Moore

Book:  "The Count of Monte Cristo"

Author: Stephen King

Cartoon:  Alvin & The Chipmunks

Teacher:  Mr. Williams

Subject:  Math

Favorite Vacation Spot:  Florida

Food:  Pizza

Color: Black

Flower: Red Rose

Perfume:  Claiborne

Cologne:  Polo

Car:  Lamborghini