Rate Our 25-Year Reunion

Hi everyone!  We hope you had a fantastic time at our 25-year reunion!  We'd like your feedback to help us plan for future reunions, even if you couldn't make it to this one.  Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey.  Thanks! -Sarah & Jennifer

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1)   If you couldn't attend the reunion, we missed you! Please let us know why. And we'd also like to hear any comments or suggestions as well, so please skip to question #9. Thank you!

  Not interested in reunions
  Had other plans
  Price was too high
2)   Did you like having the reunion on Homecoming/Pumpkin Festival weekend?

Yes No
3)   Did you like the Arrowhead for the location?

Yes No
4)   If you answered "No" to question #2 and/or #3, please suggest other time(s) of year and/or other location(s).

5)   When should our next reunion take place?

6)   What would you prefer for the food next time?

  hot & cold appetizers
  cook-out food (hot dogs, burgers, chips, etc.)
  Full dinner (entree, salad, potato, dessert etc.)
7)   Please rate the ticket price ($20/person):

  Price was just fine
  Price was too high
8)   What did you like best about our reunion? What would you change for next time?

9)   Please feel free to leave any other comments or suggestions. Thank you!