Missing Classmates

In this area, missing classmates is considered anyone who we do not have an email address for. Due to high costs of mailing, we are trying to communicate through this site via email and Facebook for current and future events, notifications, etc. This site houses our database as well. The reasoning behind this change in the cirtera for "missing classmates" is that we cannot keep everyone's information updated.  We simply and honestly just don't have the resources it takes to keep up on hundreds of people's email, phone, and address information.   Please be sure to register and add your email address if you have not done so already. 

Thank you,

Sherry (Fernandez) Hale

Shannon(Staton) Sandvig

Staci Archibald (Bailey)
Brian Arnold
Scott Bahmann
Jonathan Barton
Bret Baughman
Dustin Beckmann
Shawn Berry (Lock)
Jason Brandt
Eddie Conklin
Noel Culbertson
Stephanie Davis
Katrina Davison
Jeff Edgerly
Mari Elo
Ginny Etter
Stephanie Fee
Dan Fitzgerald
Ryan Freese
Jason Grommon
Tina Groper
Elanie Hardin (Reyes)
Becky Haug
Danny Hepker
Rob Herdlicka
Jennifer Hickey
Dan Hoffmann
Danny Irons
Timothy Johnson
Cynthia Kaplan
Darrin Keller
Ladd Kibbie
Scott Kidwell
Justin Kline
Shawn Lang
Susan Lindgren
Sharon Mahoney
Isaac Malone
Brian Marconi
Nicole Martin (Sanders)
Diane McDonough
Chad Meyer
Lori Miller (Johnson)
Kim Nackenhorst
Brad Neff
Francoise Olette
Andy Palmer
Ed Peck
Manuel Pieltain
Scott Powell
Patrick Prediger
Mike Prenosil
Dustin Price
Victoria Radrizzani
Shannon Rippey
Christa Schmidt (Brus)
Adrian Schulte
Tyson Short
Anna Smith (Oddo)
Brian Smith
Steve Smyth
Ryan Stokes
John Stribling
Jonathon Turbett
Justin Vana
Lynette VanNote (Bossler)
Heather Vavroch (Beck)
Chad Wiese
Jay Young

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