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07/29/14 08:09 PM #2    


Brenda Reynolds (Fitzgerald)

Can't wait to see everyone! 

07/29/14 08:56 PM #3    


Linda Carol Lawing (Killian)

I'll see you all in November and anyone who is planning to attend the Harding/West Reunion at Ocean Drive in October... ( 

Thanks for getting the November Reunion planned John...

Linda Lawing Killian

07/30/14 09:33 AM #4    


Ted James (Jim) Champion

Hoping for a record turn out, wishing everyone will be there! That goes for the Harding-West Meck reunion in October much FUN your face hurts from so mich laughter and smiles! Hope YOU and yours will attend both of these AMAZING events!

08/17/14 02:42 PM #5    

Debra Leigh Neely (Beddow)

Hi everyone!  Looking forward to the 45th.  Will also be at the beach reunion of Harding & West in October. Last year was lots of fun, fun, fun!  I hope we'll have more Harding class of '69 show up at the beach.  We've been letting West and the other Harding classes out do us. I miss all of ya'll alot. Been somewhat out of touch for awhile so I'm anxious to get caught up with everyone.  Been thinking about everybody from Enderly Park lately as well.  Debbie,   

09/16/14 04:37 PM #6    


Robbie Robinson

What a blessing to find this site! Thanks to all involved...Looking forward to seeing everyone :)

10/26/14 02:23 PM #7    

Debra Leigh Neely (Beddow)

ATTENTION OUT OF TOWNERS!!!!! What hotel are ya'll staying in. It would be great if we could all be in same place EXCEPT FOR WAYNE STARNES who wanted to party All NIGHT LONG in 1989. Haven't checked out hotels yet...let me know what ya'll are doing. Call me : 910-736-8626 or I will check back here

10/27/14 01:10 PM #8    

David Wesley Allison

I have arranged for Wayne to stay at Horne's Motor Lodge on Freedom Dr.

10/27/14 05:52 PM #9    


Wendy Ford (Case)

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.  Don and I will be staying at our daughter's house after the reunion.  I haven't been to a reunion since our 25th!  I am glad I found this website.  It's great to catch up!


10/28/14 10:52 PM #10    

Debra Leigh Neely (Beddow)

We have reserved our room at the Hilton Garden Inn.  It's the closest hotel to Carolina Golf Club (1.5 miles). $89.00 with senior discount (never thought I'd be using a senior discount, I'm barely middle age!)  If anybody has other ideas let me know.

10/30/14 11:32 AM #11    

Debra Leigh Neely (Beddow)

Paul, you saw them start early at the Hardingwest reunion at the beach...a sight to behold...guess Griffin and Windell are still in "Rare" form and have been warming up since then. I am not surprised to see this continue at the Thunderbird Motel.

11/11/14 09:09 AM #12    


Ted Howard Biggers

I want to wish all fellow Veterans in our class a great Veterans Day.  Thank you for your service to our country.  It was great to see many of you at our 45th Reunion. 

11/12/14 11:56 AM #13    


Linda Carol Lawing (Killian)

Just wanted to let all who are Facebook Friends with me to please delete the one with my picture and request again on the sight with the acct. was hacked and some crazy people are saying I won the lotttery and you have too......Not true!!!   Sorry for the mess....


Linda Lawing Killian

11/14/14 10:36 PM #14    

Eddie Pettus (Pettus)

to all Harding alumni, sorry that my wife and I couldnot be attending. I was in the Presbertyerian Hospital emergency room due to a Kidney stone attack with me. I looked to forward to meeting you all again. I hopethat next we can be brought together again . god bless and keep you all. Everette Pettus.

11/15/14 11:22 AM #15    


John W. Windell

Get well soon! Stay in touch.

John W,

11/16/14 12:57 AM #16    

Debra Leigh Neely (Beddow)

Eddie. ..sorry you and your wife missed the reunion. Kidney stones are no fun. Plan on being at the next one and stay healthy and stay in touch! Glad to hear from you.

12/22/14 10:53 AM #17    


Robbie Robinson

Sad news about Mike Farmer today...Will miss and think of him often this holiday season.In prayer for his family.


12/08/15 04:28 PM #18    


Julia Mae Brown (Draeger)

So sad to hear about Johnnie Ford.  He was the "free spirit" of our class---as far as I know the first to be into Bob Dylan.  He brought so many smiles to all of us.  My prayers go out to his family.  

08/25/16 02:10 PM #19    


Ted James (Jim) Champion

Obituary for DONALD RAYE CATHEY, HHS 1970, appeared in the Charlotte Observer on August 19. He is survived by brothers Jerry (Curl) and Reggie (Fish).

07/07/17 11:47 AM #20    

Eddie Pettus (Pettus)


07/08/17 08:50 PM #21    


Linda Carol Lawing (Killian)

I saw where Eddie Pettus posted Gerald Harvey passed away July 1, 2017.   No arrangements yet.   He was my favorite ❤️

07/09/17 11:30 AM #22    

David Wesley Allison

Yeah Linda me too.  On my password security questions Favorite Teacher, it is always Mr. Harvey. He really knew how teenagers think

07/10/17 04:41 PM #23    

John Morrow

What did Mr.Harvey teach ? 



07/11/17 11:42 AM #24    

Ann Sifford (Satterfield)

He was the assistant principal at Harding.  A great man!

07/11/17 04:16 PM #25    

John Morrow

Yes he was a very good man. He was easy to talk to when you had a problem. Sometime I would skip study hall in Mrs. Mackerel's room and go and talk to him , after a while he would ask me where was I susposed to be and I would tell him . All he would do was write me out a pass to give to her. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

04/16/21 06:09 PM #26    


Linda Carol Lawing (Killian)

So sorry to hear about Mr England...Thank you John and Jim for keeping up with all of our classmates and letting us know..


Dale Jordan, Debbie Neely (Beddlow), Donna Perry (McGill), I'm praying for continued recovery for you.all. 


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