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Welcome to Your Website


This site has been set up by members of the Class of 1970 for all of our classmates. It is intended to help us connect with old friends and classmates and to allow us to share information about what we have been doing since nursing school, view pictures and videos from the old days and sign up for our 50th reunion planned for June 4-7, 2020.
Click here for a quick guide to some of the important pages on the site.  

There is NO CHARGE for using the site, no annoying ads, and your name, email addresses and personal information will not be available to anyone except other classmates who have joined the site. We hope you will join the more than 50 classmates who have already visited the site and filled out their profiles.


The site is intended for members of the class and approved guests only, so it is password protected. Except for a few pages, you will have to sign-in before you can will have access. 

  • Are you already registered?
    • Click on Classmate Profiles on the top menu and find your name 
    • If you are already registered your name will have a symbol beside it. ‚Äč
      • Click on your name or click on the "Head and Shoulders" icon at the top right of the screen
      • Enter the email you last used on the site in the login box. If you can't remember, or don't have access to the email address you used, contact Nancy Sinclair's husband, Stan, at 804-986-1403 or smaupin@encourepreneur.net.
      • Enter your password. If you don't remember your password, click on "Forgot Password?"
  • If you are not registered on the site, your name will not have any icons beside it. 
    • Click on your name
    • Click on "Join Here"
    • Answer the questions and save your work to complete your profile. If you need help or have questions, complete your profle and contact us. You can go back and complete it later. Just click on the Head and Shoulders and choose either "Edit Contact Info or Edit Profile.