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05/16/09 10:58 PM #12    

Pamela Carter (Green) (1972)

What a great site. I still have my 1972 Yearbook and it's in GREAT SHAPE! I will try to scan and sent photos.

06/16/09 03:49 PM #13    


Marvin Cole (1972)

Marvin Cole/Snowflakes: THE CHRISTMAS CD

"Available On All Music Platforms"

07/03/09 10:48 AM #14    

Gloria Dawson-Harris (Jordan) (1972)

Thanks for creating this site. I am in Atlanta and I enjoy reading what you guys are doing up in Chicago.

07/04/09 10:37 AM #15    


Linda Johnson (Gardner) (1970)


07/26/09 01:59 PM #16    

Kathy Patten (Irving) (1970)

I am just catching up to this site and it is wonderful. As for the year book, I attended the alumni picnic yesterday and Rachel (Harris) class of '70 was there with her book. I am also from class of '70 and have my book. I'll see if there is additional information I can get to you about the publisher.

Stay in touch,
Kathy (Patten) Irving

09/16/09 11:10 AM #17    


Blanche Willis (Newell) (1970)

Hi! Thanks for this site - The Class of 1970 will stay in my heart forever

10/24/09 04:23 PM #18    

Mary Montgomery (Gibson) (1970)

I Really am happy that someone thought to do this.Is there gonna be a class of 70,40 yr reunion?

10/31/09 08:28 PM #19    

Pamela Childers (Taylor) (1972)

Hi Mary,

The Classes of '70, '71 & '72 combined, so in 2012 we are having a 40 plus reunion cruise, but depending on how our fundraisers and things go, we are hoping to do a little something in 2010 and 2011 for '70 and '71, it may even be in the form of a fundraiser, but something to acknowledge your year.

Pam '72

11/03/09 06:12 PM #20    

Mary Montgomery (Gibson) (1970)

Thanks for the info.It would be nice to throw a picnic.that might be easier on eveyones pkt.And it would be bring your own food.A nice cookout in the
Forest preserves maybe?

11/16/09 07:16 PM #21    


Blanche Willis (Newell) (1970)


07/14/11 02:16 PM #22    

Shellie Thurman (Hardimon) (1972)

I am looking forward to attending the 40 year cruise. I hoep to get up to one of the Chicago fundraisers. I like coming on the site seeing what people are doing. Shellie Thurman Hardimon class of 1972.

07/22/11 12:06 PM #23    

Alvin-Omawata Hill (1972)

It disappoints me, more than a little bit, that the hard work of the reunion committee culminated in an exotic trip to tropical ports-of-call.  In short, your work appears to be the task of elites and then designed to exclude the vast majority of our class (1972) from coming together at a big event to celebrate, as a class, our graduation some 40 years hence.  
At the very minimal, a more viable and inclusive dinner/dance cruise could be had on our world-class lakefront.  It would be grand, without costing over a grand - as will the eastern Caribbean excursion that you planned for us.  Moreover, here, during late August, we would not have to worry about cruising in the middle of hurricane season.  
Surely the reunion committee put a lot of work into planning the cruise.  Props for that.  And it does not escape me that the 40-year reunion is a big deal - as is still being on this plane.  Yet I am one of (I project) many Cavaliers who will not attend for any number of reasons, with the most salient for me being that the reunion committee's proposed trip seems to be designed for a certain "class" instead of for our entire class.

07/24/11 01:35 PM #24    


Wanda Viney (Strong) (1972)


08/13/11 06:40 PM #25    


Teresa Belcher (Owens) (1972)

Hi Classmates

Just wanted to let you know of a few reminders for the upcoming 40 Plus Reunion Cruise scheduled for 2012. 

1.  Please fill out the registration form because it will provide all your vital information needed to block your cabin.

2.  Cancellation and protection Insurance is based on cabin type.

     Inside cabin  and Oceanview cabin - the cost is $95.00   Balcony Cabin cost is  $104.00

     The cost is per person.

3.  If you divide the cost of the cruise into weekly payments with the intention of paying the cruise off in 8 months your payments are as following:

     Inside Cabin  -  $24.01 weekly   per person

     Oceanview Cabin  - 27.45 weekly   per person

      Balcony Cabin  - 32.78 weekly   per person

Hope this helps you see how affordable a cruise can be.  Remember this cost includes all you can eat (24 hrs a day), entertainment, and the ability to visits several ports.  You'll be able to shop at the different ports and purchase such items as jewelry, liquor, spices, clothing and many more at discounted prices.  You're also have the opportunity go on tours.

The ship also offers a casino, duty free shopping, spas, bingo and a adult only area for relaxing while on the ship.



09/20/11 06:58 PM #26    


Raymond Evans (1972)

Hey Mike, the Cavalier website is dope.I haven't been keeping up lately cause I been away for awhile.Illness has taken me out the picture for some time along with death in my family.The beginning of 2010 I found out I had kidney failure,so now I am on dialysis,June 2010 ,I lost my mom's and then Oct.2010 I lost my brother and best friend ,Marvin Evans due to complications from pnuemonia.Now in June 2011, I was in the hospital for throat cancer surgery.Marvin's name should be indicated in memory of classmate 1970.A lot of people may remember him by the nickname of Sugar Bear or Shorty.

08/31/12 09:52 AM #27    

Debra Webb (Pierce) (1972)


Debra Webb (Pierce)


10/06/12 10:02 AM #28    


Ruelyn Howard (1972)

Thanks for sharing the cruise pictures, it looks like you all had a very nice time.  I will make sure that I make the next trip.

12/22/16 04:22 PM #29    

Alvin-Omawata Hill (1972)

Obviously, I did not (could not) know all the members of my class (‘72).  More than likely, dear reader, we are unfamiliar with each other.  Still, I had my friends/associates, and my time at CVS helped to shape both my worldview and self-impressions.

Sadly, although not a statistical outlier - given that over 40 years have passed - the site shows that four classmates known to me have left this plane: Yolanda Roach was a dear friend, Michael Ward and I were on speaking terms, and I enjoyed Elizabeth Denise Pauls’ baked goods.

Dorothy West and I met about 25 years post-graduation, as a result of a very serious fix involving her son, Jeffery. 

She wore her hair naturally at the time.  Being a natural man, I gave her high-compliments.  Dorothy replied, dryly, that while she liked the style, shortly after the birth of her first child, “My hair would curled so tight that it gave me migraines.”  (Consequently, for a while she got her hair “did,” wore wigs, and otherwise presented, in my opinion, unnaturally.)  We both cracked-up.  And to this day I’m not sure that if she were just jesting.

During that difficult time we became friends. 

Also, I got to know Jeffery’s father, a CVS alum, as well as his too sweet grandmothers.  Humbly, I spoke on his (and my own) behalf at her “home-going” service.  There, it touched me to see the many folks touched favorably by Dorothy.

With that said, today I was shocked to see that the “In Memory” page of the alum website is absent any acknowledgment that Dorothy West even existed!!  And then I found that he memorial pages of too many former Cavilers - who are no more of this earth - are likewise blank.  We can do better than that!  In a 2002 book, Andy Rooney wrote:  “The best thing we could do [for those] who die is make certain there is some written record of who they were and what they did.”  Please share.  Our class mates lived, loved, and are worth the time to be so acknowledged . . . .


Omawata (‘72)



12/07/20 06:24 PM #30    


Marvin Cole (1972)

Marvin Cole/Snowflakes

"The Christmas CD"

Now Available On All Music Platforms


03/12/21 11:12 PM #31    


Jacqueline Jones (Farmer) (1971)

It is my hope that everyone remains safe during these trying times.

08/10/21 12:56 PM #32    

Jamaine Leftridge (1972)

Anyone going to the all class CVS PINIC this year. We need to represent. It's September 5 2021.

12/23/21 10:10 PM #33    

Alvin-Omawata Hill (1972)

Wendy Woods (Merritt) passing

Yep, for many these are '"end times"; my wife's 90 year old mom died last Friday--since then we've been negotiating arrangements, including Covid.  
When in my mid-30s, it became clear to me that my own end time was inevitable.  It hit me as simply an "is," instead of in the form of a traumatic event.  History shows that death befalls us all.  Consequently, prepare; religiously, yes--if that's your thing.  But surely, for the sake of your loved ones, prepare.  
Back to Wendy:  Loosing contact with her after high school was--for better and worse--simply part of the process of leaving CVS.  Yet being in her presence during '71 and '72 was blissful, akin to being in the company of Living Art.  Ideally, post-graduation, Wendy lived well.  
Peace, to you and to yours

12/24/21 10:51 AM #34    


Sheila Winfield (Robinson) (1972)

I guess we are at the age now that our classmates from 1972 are experiencing loss at an accelerated rate.  I remember Fun times with Wendy and the rest of the gang.  When I heard the news it brought back great memories of our games at Stagg Stadium, our walk-outs (protests) and voicing our young opinions on fairness. CVS shaped us into the people we are today.

We are all in our late 60's and everyday is a blessing... it is sad news regarding Wendy, especially on her born day... may everybody keep her family and love ones in prayer.


02/22/22 03:40 PM #35    

Shellie Thurman (Hardimon) (1972)

Hello I am lookiing forward to the 50th reunion this year. I hope a lot of people come.

Shellie Thurman Hardimon

04/09/22 12:49 PM #36    


Teresa Belcher (Owens) (1972)

I live in Califonia and I am planning to attend our 50th class reunion and hope to see many of my classmates.  Come on Cavalilers let's show up because I'm sure everyone can share stories of such a wonderful experience we had attending CVS.

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