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•   Patricia Althoff (Bridewell)  11/10
•   Robert Gene Wagner  11/9
•   Robert "Gary" Ritchie  10/19
•   Sandra Lee Schwartz (Andrews)  10/19
•   Antoinette Marie "Toni" Salyers (Duy)  10/18
•   Janette Ellen Anderson (Spitzer)  9/28
•   Marilynn Ann Penland (Todd)  8/23
•   Patricia A Wozniak (Maxwell)  8/10
•   Georgia Haldes (Ligori)  8/6
•   Ileene Janice Knieser (MacGlashan)  8/1
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Welcome to

Kelvyn Park High School Class Of 1968

Communication Pages

This portion of our site lets you maintain your own profile and see who else has signed up to maintain theirs. As you sign in and manage your profile, you will have the opportunity to reveal your contact information or keep it private or make it public. If you keep it private, classmates may contact you through the email interface. Your email address will only be revealed if you respond. 

Please do your part to keep information up to date. We want to keep in touch for the next reunion. Also, if you have any information about "Missing Classmates" or any who need to be added to our "In Memory" page, please notify us by using the link on that page.


We did it!

We got together to celebrate surviving 50 years post graduation!

Check out a summary HERE

Check out the pictures HERE.


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1)   When should we have our next Class of 1968 reunion?


KPHS Class of '68
50-year Reunion Picture

View Picture Here! (Thanks, Sharon, for the name list!)

Row 1 - Pat Benanti, Lori Voytovick, Ms Marsha Brody, Connie Quattrocchi, Jenny Underwood, Anita Cipolla, Darlene Slobodecki, Sharon Johnson, Pat Maxwell, Betty Baker, Candy Coughlin, Diana Kudobeck, Nevenka Amon, Mr. Goldman

Row 2 - Evelyn Treiber, Arleene Nemes, Mary Susong, Janette Anderson, Ann Karedes, Gayle Weldon, Pat Jablonski, Ken Kasal, Ileene Knieser, Robin Alport, Pat Mangan, Ken Fabian, Nancy Janik, Belarmino Sagols, Gayle Rutlin, Nadine Skultety, Penny Patton, Linda Mraz, Connie Johnson

Row 3 - Bob Woelke, Henry Czyz, Bonnie Sanfilippo, Brenda Starzynski, Louis Hamilton, Bob Lange, John Sweeney, Sue McCabe, Gary Ritchie, Sandra Schwartz, Ron Leonard, Bill Owens, Phil Lahendro, Jim Blaine, Ray Limbach, Jim Puralewski

For a download suitable for printing,

Click Here (13 MB)



As you look through the pictures from the 50th reunion, you will find some group pictures from Kelvyn Park High School's feeder grammar schools. When you find them, here are the corresponding names (thank you Sharon):

1st Row - Gayle Weldon, Pat Benanti, Brenda Starzynski, Nancy Janik
2nd Row - Henry Czyz, John Sweeney, Gary Ritchie, Belarmino Sagols

1st Row - Gayle Rutlin, Ann Karedes, Robin Alport, Sharon Johnson, Nadine Skultety, Diane Kudobeck
2nd Row - Ken Paoli, Sue McCabe, Pat Mangan, Louis Hamilton

1st Row - Anita Cipolla, Darlene Slobodecki, Linda Mraz, Laurie Nare '63
2nd Row - Kathleen O'Donnell, Ileene Knieser, Connie Johnson, Betty Baker, Rick Weinmann '63

Evelyn Treiber, Jim Puralewski, Lori Voytovick

1st Row - Karyl Winholt '49 (Gayle Rutlin's Aunt), Penny Patton, Janette Anderson, Nancy Janik, Arlene Nemes
2nd Row - Sandra Schwartz, Ken Fabian, Bob Lange, Elaine Thunberg

Mary Susong, Candy Coughlin, Ken Kasal, Ray Limbach, Jim Blaine, Phil Lahendro

Robert Woelke, Bonnie Sanfilippo

Pat Maxwell & Pat Jablonski

WHICH? (let us know and we will label them)
Jennifer Underwood, Linda Enwell

KPHS Class of '68
40-year Reunion Picture

View Picture Here! (Thanks, Sharon, for the list!)

Row 1 -- Pat Althoff, Judy Hickey, Sandy Reining, Penny Patton, Diane Hickey, Linda Golz, Candy Coughlin, Josette Catalano, Toni Salyers, Louise Salyers, Anita Cipolla, Sharon Johnson, Dennis Johnson

Row 2 -- Connie Quattrocchi, Gayle Rutlin, Jennifer Underwood, Barb Tolemy, Colleen Quinn, Ann Karedes, Elsie Jackson, Nevenka Amon, Linda Enwell, Janice Nicholas, Joyce Lawrence, Linda Moscato, Judy Rivers, Lori Voytovick

Row 3 -- Linda Peters, Gayle Weldon, Mary Susong, Pat Jordan, Pat Jablonski, Judy Neace, Marilyn Penland, Ken Fabian, Barb Karijolic, Bonnie Sanfilippo, sue Grousl, Vickey Marrozzo, Linda Mullins

Row 4 -- Mike Coleman, Linda Nelson, Sandy Schwartz, Evelyn Treiber, Arlene Nemes, Nancy Janik, Janette Anderson, Brenda Starzynski, Carol Bach, Georgia Haldes, Inger Valsted, Connie Johnson, Pat Cathers

Row 5 -- Bob Engler, Ron Leonard, Greg Kane, Dennis Burns, Henry Czyz, Ken Kasal, Phil Hade, Susan Ballard, Nadine Skultety

Row 6 -- Jim Blaine, Ray Limbach, Ron Hoehn, Bob Lange, Sue McCabe, Jim Puralewski, Louis Hamilton, John Sweeney, Victor Wikell, Phil Lahendro