Missing Classmates

The people listed on this page do not have a confirmed address or email to reach them. We have a partial or old address for a few, but we have not heard back from them to verify they are still living at that address.

It was our goal to reach each classmate prior to the reunion so that everyone would have the opportunity to attend. If you are one of these, you may click on your name, sign in, and fill in your contact information here, or you may use the contact link to give us your information.

If you have information on any of the following, you may use the contact link to help us out, or if you know their email address, click on their name, input the email address and a notice will be sent to them.

NOTE: According to statistical expectations, 16 of our missing are likely passed away, but we have not received notice of their passing.

Orlando R Aguilar
Jean Marie Andrejko
Raymond Arzuaga
Debbie Aslan
Judy Cordes (Carioscia)
Nancy H Depowski (Turner)
Carol B Fry (Kubik)
Ursula E Gagalski
Lloyd Gault
Charlene A Hatz
Dave E Jackson
Tom Karas
Gail Loyd (LaMantia)
Charmaine Menge
Sally Ann Noe (Downie-Johnson)
James Radtke
Ronald Howard Rouse
Michael David "Mike" Schweitzer
Richard Scott
Michele Squires
Donna VanZile (Kleehammer)
James Matthew Wasik
Antoinette Weaver
Theresa E Zorn

Guest Members

Janice ' Burnett (Rice)
Jackie ' Wells (Gonzales)
Joe '64 Cipolla
Charlene Ann '65 Gehrke (McIntire)
Marlene '65 Gehrke (Artman)
Alice '66 Enwell
Ray '67 Listermann
Richard '67 Weinmann
Joy-Ann '69 Brankline (Leonard)
Sharon '69 Bruno