Class Reunion Survey 2019


"Rolling Stones" 1965

The only thing we know for sure  it has been 55 years since we graduated.

Over many years I have been trying to organize and plan for a reunion. Only a few offered to assist and contribute a little time. I would like to make this reunion a success with the help of few and the input of many and that is the reason for the Survey.

This class website should be the ONLY source of information for the reunion.

I will be adding co-administrators to this site in the next few days to assist in planning a successful reunion.

Each co-administrator will have a reunion e-mail of their own to help communicate.

The site offers ....Live Chat... Photo Sharing....Group meetings... instant messages and much more.

You control what you want people to see or not see while setting up your profile.

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* Answer Required
1)   * Are you interested in attending a 55 year reunion Class reunion sometime this year?

Yes No
2)   * What month would be best for you ?

  Later in the year
  Answered Question # 1 "NO" not attending.

This will allow time for planning, finding classmates and out of town classmates to make necessary arrangements.
3)   * Where would you like have the reunion?

  Chicago area
  Other ( add location in comments)
  Answered Question # 1 "NO" not attending.
4)   * Would you like to open the reunion to other year classmates?

  One year before or after ( Classes 1963 and or 1965)
  Any class
  Answered Question # 1 "NO" not attending.
5)   How many days of activities would you like the committee plan for during the reunion?

  Reunion only -one day
  2 Days
  Answered Question # 1 "NO" not attending.
6)   Would you be interested in assisting with future plans?

  Web searching
  Phone calls - I have possible leads
  Planning the Actual Event
7)   Will you need accomodations close to the reunion site?

Yes No
8)   Which class were you enrolled?

9)   What would you like the reunion to include?

  Sit Down Dinner
  Buffet Style
  Music DJ
  Bar Service
  No food - cocktails
  Other... use comment section
10)   Please feel free to add any comments or suggestions.