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10/06/23 01:36 PM #1714    


John Bliss

I REFUSE to mock The Cowsills. Indian Lake is a scene you should make with your little one. A song about skinny dipping and farking in the woods, something I didn't realze when I was 10 years old, and I'm sure Mommy and Daddy Cowsill didn't either. If you watched The Partridge Family -- which I didn't, though I was happy when David Cassidy posed nude for Rolling Stone -- you were a Cowsills fan. 

Zappa didn't go solo until LONG after the Cowsills ended their career, and even The Mothers of Invention didn't take off until 1968. I had room for both The Cowsills and Ruben & the Jets -- and the Stones and many more -- in my little brain. 

Bob forgets that we remember him from high school, when he was as big a dork as the rest of us. 


10/06/23 11:49 PM #1715    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Oh snap John Bliss!

I will say this about music in the late 60s and 70s... it was the best and most diverse ever. I remember the first 33 I ever owned was a gift from my 7th grade bestie (Jackie Miyake), The 5th Dimension, "Wedding Bell Blues" and the first I ever bought for myself was Crosby Stills & Nash "Marrekesh Express" and "Helplessly Hoping".

Last week I toured the Class of '73 through Lane for their 50th reunion. They were the last all-male class and I went to their prom.  Like many kids in the day, after the prom, we went to the London House and heard Ramsey Lewis. That was a real epiphany for me and began a life-long love of jazz... but I still like me some Monkees and Hermans Hermits every once in a while!

I remember Chris Pagano running into Division with an album in his hands saying, "You have to listen to this... it's this song called 'Daniel' from this new guy named Elton John". 

Rock, soul, funk, jazz, glam, punk... we had it all!


10/07/23 11:21 AM #1716    


Robert Cole

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was an LP I practically wore out. Along with my copy of Inna Gadda Da Vida!

10/07/23 11:23 AM #1717    


Robert Cole

And no John. I was never a dork. That's what I tell my kids every day, when they see my old pictures. Yes kids, bellbottoms and platform shoes were cool!

10/08/23 06:43 PM #1718    


Janet Peterson (Ingraffia)

Ok, true confessions here. I was never one of the cool kids in high school. Big surprise, I know. My 14 year old mind was madly in love with Michael Cole from the Mod Squad. Any magazine that had large pictures of him, like the one Michelle posted, got bought and proudly hung up on my bedroom wall. His eyes were the last ones I wanted to see before I drifted off to sleep. A couple years ago for Christmas, my wonderful hubby, Pete, bought me a multi season DVD set of the Mod Squad. Well we watched some episodes until we couldn't suffer anymore! I don't know how I watched them back then and even looked forward to them.

As far as music, we still have an old stereo system that plays cassettes and albums. Yellow Brick Road is one of only about 50 albums that we still have and listen to from time to time. Pete and I had duplicates of so many albums so we did a major purge before moving to Florida. I think I'll have to pull out a few and listen again. 

Love the wonderful memories this page stirs up! Thanks to all! 




10/09/23 08:32 AM #1719    


Peter Ingraffia

Definitely enjoying this walk down memory lane. Like many, going to concerts was the thing we did in those years. Great memories of some great concerts. Camped out overnight at the stadium waiting for Who tickets to go on sale while my parents were out of town. Good times. Here's a fraction of the ticket stubs I still have from back then. Hard to believe that groups like the Stones, Who, Elton John, etc only cost $6 or $7.  The most expensive concert was Pink Floyd at Soldier Field. Those were way expensive at $10! 

10/10/23 09:47 AM #1720    


Robert Cole

One time, when I started a new job, at a team meeting the manager asked an icebreaker... "Name the first concert you ever went to and the most recent."

My answers... "Three Dog Night and One Direction." Now, THAT raised some eyebrows from the young folks in the room! Three Dog Night was for me. And, I had recently spent Fathers Day taking my teen daughter to a One Direction concert.  Me and 14,000 screaming teen girls! I put in my earlplugs, read my paperback novel and tried to ignore the whole thing. 

Oh, and I was at that Soldier Field Pink Floyd Concert, too. Also saw ELP at Soldier Field as the headliner in an all-day rock festival. HUGE crowd. Shoulder-to-shoulder all day.

Spent years chasing Grateful Dead around. My son may be one of the few kids his age who can say he's actually BEEN to a Dead concert. When he was 18-months old I took him here in Indianapolis. Didn't care about the music, but loved the drum circles and twirly dancing! And... the Deadheads loved him! "Come here and dance with me little dude!"


10/13/23 10:27 AM #1721    


John Bliss

For Bob Cole: These are some album covers (mostly recreations) I used for a play I directed which takes place in the early 80s. 


10/14/23 10:20 AM #1722    


Robert Cole

John... Herman's Hermits, Zappa & Captain Beefheart in the same post. WTF?

10/14/23 09:34 PM #1723    


John Simmers

Bob Cole -- your posts always seem to stir up something for me to share. This one is that -- I've  gotten high just one-time in my life, and that happened on July 1, 1982 -- with Jerry Garcia. 

10/15/23 04:13 PM #1724    


Edward Mc Carthy

This is all very nostalgic.  And albums are coming back!  LP's, 45's.  Anyway, I'm waiting for the proliferator of prose....aka....Mr. Ortiz to weigh in here.  I imagine his grand babies jamming to the Bay City Rollers, falling asleep to Bread, Chicago and Simon and Garfunkel.

As I watch the Bears game, It is better to look away and reply to email and texts rather than accept what I am seeing on the field.  Bears vs. Vikings.   We are up in the nose bleed seats.....SE side....section 429!  Any higher up and we would need oxygen.  Nice view of the city though. 

Be well all.  Can you believe it, post pandemic and 2023 nearly done.  I still recall all the brew hah ha like it was yesterday when we hit the year 2000!  Oh, to go back 20+ years..    

10/15/23 07:26 PM #1725    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

For all our esoteric rock fans out there.  I was just contacted by a writer doing a biography for one of the founding fathers of American Folk and Rock looking for some background.  Bob Dylan's manager, Inventor of Peter, Paul & Mary, Janis Joplin's manager, the Band, Todd Rundgren, Woodstock, Co-Founder of the Newport Folk Festival and much more.  Albert Grossman, Lane Tech, Class of 1944!  He's the guy in the white shirt sitting in the back of the studio looking bored at the recording of a little anthem called, "Like a Rolling Stone".

And with Janis...



10/18/23 06:40 AM #1726    


Maja Wiesinger (Ramirez)

 Belated thanks to Andrew and all for Medicare tips'n'clues...

10/19/23 01:21 PM #1727    


Andrew Flor

You're welcome Maja. I registered online for Medicare and spoke to our insurance rep and am waiting for further notice from Medicare/SSA. It was relatively easy I must say and got a confirmation email almost immediately after signing up. Once I here back from them on approval, the next step is to call our insurance rep back to set up the supplemental insurance.

10/19/23 01:35 PM #1728    


Andrew Flor

Thanks for enlightening us esoteric folk. We thrive on useful, useless information. Mindboggling to think that a Lane grad was a key player in the midst of some of the most influential rockstars of a generation but then again not. In reading more on his bio, it appears that he was a pretty ruthless, shrewd guy who made his mark on the music industry while seemingly not well liked. 

10/20/23 12:47 AM #1729    


Andrew Flor

Some habits are hard to break. Got tired of the computer and decided go old school this week. 

10/20/23 12:51 AM #1730    


Andrew Flor

Attention all Lane Hockey Alumni. There will be a Lane Hockey reunion at Moretti's in Edison Park on Friday November 24th @ 12 noon. $30 per person. We're looking to get at least 25 guys together so we can get our own room upstairs. Come out and have some pizza, pasta and salad. Open bar. 

10/30/23 12:58 AM #1731    


Edward Mc Carthy

Congratulations to the girls of Lane Tech's flag football team.  They won the state championship today.  Well done ladies!

Now, can ya help..... da Bears?

10/30/23 10:56 AM #1732    


Robert Cole

Da Bears are playing girls flag football, aren't they?

10/30/23 08:00 PM #1733    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)


Hmmm...  lots of women from '76 were the "first" on teams and other school activities, so having these young athletes pioneer a new sport, (it was just introduced last year), go undefeated, win CIty and then win State (in the first official year of competition), continues a legacy we started. The fact that they won State at Halas Hall is where any comparison to the Bears should end. Pulleeeease!


On a serious note... got word today that Lori Johnson '77 passed away on Friday. Don't know any details but here's the obit:

Lori Johnson Obituary (


11/20/23 07:59 PM #1734    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Ride on Randy!

We've lost another Bicentennial.  Sad to report that Randy Raven passed away on November 14th from a heart attack in Pinellas Park, Florida. Many of us remember him as a classmate and fellow art major. RIP friend.


11/21/23 01:35 PM #1735    


Andrew Flor

Oh my God. This is horrible news. Randy, was a real nice guy and human being. He was always a positive person to be around. From my memory, he was a pretty talented fellow artist. Does anyone know if he was involved in art and design after his days at Lane?

11/21/23 02:03 PM #1736    


Andrew Flor

From Danny Hartnett Class of '73, founding member of the Lane Tech Hockey Club. Thanks to Danny. Being a part of the club changed my life forever!

Hi, guys.
I confirmed our reunion event with Moretti’s this afternoon.  Moretti’s is located in Edison Park at 6727 N. Olmsted Avenue.  (773) 631-1223.

The event begins at 12pm on Friday, November 24th.  We’re in a private room with lots of big screen TV’s to watch the Blackhawks take on the Toronto Maple Leafs at 1pm.  We have a pizza, pasta and appetizer buffet from 12:30p -4:00p.  Cost per person is $30 for room / food.  Cash bar.
Michelle Weiner from the Lane Tech Alumni Association has also provided copies of all hockey photos from Lane Tech yearbooks from 1972 - 1980 and we’ll hope to have those streaming on one of the many TV’s.  If you have other photos or memorabilia you’d like to bring, please do.  And thanks to Michelle for helping us get the work out by posting a note in the LTAA newsletter about this event.
If you know that you will be attending and haven’t already done so (and would like to do me a big favor so I don’t have to chase you down at the reunion), you can send $30 via Zelle to my email address ( Or you can pay me in person at Moretti’s.
As of right now, the following distinguished Lane Tech hockey alumni have confirmed they will be attending:
Larry Hattori (1972)
Ken Hermer (1972)
Marty Sissman (1972)
Dan Hartnett (1973)
Randy Krieger (1974)
Jeff Parks (1975)
Andy Flor (1976)
Scott Silz (1977)
Nick Koclanis (1977)
Danny Huber (1977)
Gary Parks (1978)
Tom Akers (1978)
Joe Rill (1978)
Bob Sorenson (1978)
John Morici (1979)
Rick Damerjian (1979)
Also hoping the following guys who we contacted are going to be able to join us:
Nick Woznyj (1973)
Jimmy Lucas (1978)
Gary Garner (1976)
Stan Dubicki (1981)
I was also able to contact the following guys who unfortunately will be out of town and unable to attend (next time, boys!):
Jim Nicpon (1972)
Bruce Tokarz (1973)
Vic Giampietro (1973)
Bob Ciessau (1976)
Russ Cannizzo (1977)
Other confirmed Lane alumni, friends and guests so far:  Nadine Huber, Chris Nelson, Bruce Turner and Gary Burgardt.
If you know anybody else who would like to attend, please let me know ASAP.
Looking forward to seeing you all.
Dan Hartnett
(630) 254-1911

12/02/23 10:12 PM #1737    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

So far four Bicentennials have signed up for the Crosstown Classic in Mesa on March 1st.  Milan... are you in?  Steve and June? Arnie? Who else?


12/03/23 12:09 AM #1738    


Ken Ortiz


Hello all,

Thank you all very much for your advice and suggestions about my approaching Medicare enrollment. What made this more complicated was that our company annual enrollment for 2024 was in early November and to make it even additionally more complicated was that our company selected a different health care provider for our 2024 health plans. But, even MORE wrenches were thrown in as my current PCP (primary care physician who I have had for several years) took another position in September and my Optometrist retired earlier this year. So I will be starting 2024 with a whole new crew. As of now, I will be staying with my company health insurance. The good thing is that my clinic is in the network for our new provider. But it looks like I will still have to get on my SS website when the time comes to say I have employer insurance. YIKES! My brain cells are overloaded.

Ah, in our day...I was exposed to all the different genres growing up. We had an Aunt living with us for a few years when I was in grade school so I got to listen to her collection of 45’s. And since I was raised by my grandparents, I also was exposed to their music and LP’s. And since I am of Spanish heritage, there were Spanish LP's in our family collection. So, here you go Ed, I am finally chiming in.

My own collection started when I was just a a wee lad as I remember having Puff The Magic Dragon and The Little Engine That Could LP’s. When I got a bit older, I started collecting 45’s (of course I bought them  at Shapiros). My best friend growing up had 2 older brothers so we would listen to their 45’s. I think it was in 6th grade when I got my very own small record player for my bedroom. Before that, I would use the family stereo. It was a Knight console cabinet with a phonograph, a separate radio tuner and a separate amplifier with tubes in the back and knobs for volume, bass, treble and switches to turn on/off loudness, hi-cut, low-cut, etc. I was already becoming the junior sound engineer, fiddling with our stereo. I think our radio unit had AM, FM, and also other bands like shortwave. We had 2 big speakers with separate woofers, tweeters, etc, and I also learned how to plug/unplug all those components. It had the spindle for LP’S, but we had to put those red (were there other colors?) plastic adapters for 45’s to go on the spindle. We eventually got a 45 adapter that we could put in our spindle to use 45’s without the adapters.

One thing I learned in our older age…I may not remember where my cell phone is (“Oh crap! It’s in my hand! I am holding it!”, like that never happened to you), but when I hear a song from the past that I remember, the lyrics come to me. What a vault our mind is! So here is a small sampling of song lyrics I remember growing up and how many do you recall? Can you recall the rest of the lyrics? I limited it to the music before we got to Lane:

  • Puff the magic dragon...
  • In the year 2525…
  • Guitarzan…and his jungle band…
  • Betcha by golly wow…
  • Good morning, Starshine…
  • If you don’t know me by now…
  • Saturday, in the park…
  • Hey there, lonely girl…
  • One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch girl…
  • Got to be there…
  • Bye bye miss american pie…
  • If I fell in love with you…
  • She…she told me that she loved me…
  • Break up, to make up…
  • Just an old fashioned love song…
  • So let the sideshow begin…hurry hurry…
  • One less, bell to answer…
  • Oh I hear her voice as the cold winds blow, on the sweet music on my radio…
  • I want to go outside, in the rain…
  • Why do you build me up, build me up, buttercup baby…
  • If I could, I’d like to be, a great big movie star…

The good thing is you can go to U-tube (or Alexa, etc,) and listen to these songs and even with lyrics. But, there were a couple of instrumentals in our younger days like:

  • Love is blue
  • Midnight Cowboy theme
  • Scorpio (where we did the Funky Penguin)
  • Theme from Shaft (somewhat instrumental, plus, this is one where I would crank up the bass and loudness on the stereo and drive my parents and my downstairs Aunt crazy along with Zeppelin’s Black Dog)

So, one more thing that I was puzzled about, I went to see my mom for her 82nd birthday at my sister’s house in Berwyn last month. We had a good time with cake and stuff and I noticed the sippy cup that my Mom uses as we encourage her to drink more water. My sister got it at a thrift store and it says: “Lane Staff” (with a paw print). So how come it is blue? Does the Lane Tech in an alternate universe have blue and white instead of myrtle and gold? Did it come from the quantum realm? Help me please! By the way, I recently read “Look out for the little guy" by Scott Lang (Ant Man) and I really enjoyed it (for all you Marvel lovers out there). Yes, I grew up with all things Marvel, comics, TV shows, even Not Brand Echh comics, etc. I got all those comics and also MAD magazines at Shapiro’s too. Too bad I did not save them because I had a decent collection.

Here is the mystery sippy cup:


So, here is a Mad Magazine book I came across a while ago. From 1964 (Front and back):

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