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  This page is a collection of pictures and news from Around Town. I actually get Out of Town at times and will include things of interest from nearby areas. If you haven't been here in some time you might find some surprises.  For visitors to this website not familiar with Chittenango NY, it is the birthplace of the author L. Frank Baum, creator of the Wizard of Oz. We are located 12 miles east of Syracuse.



This is the new Sullivan Free Library. You may recognize it as the old State Bank of Chittenango building. State Bank was bought by Oneida Savings Bank some time ago. Oneida Savings (now Community Bank) built a new facility at the five corners next to the Canteen Restaurant.

The new Community Bank (formerly Oneida Savings) at the Five Corners

The vacant Canteen Restaurant directly next to Community Bank. It has been torn down and is

now a vacant lot.

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The new Advance Auto Parts where the Seneca used to stand

This is the old Victory Markets building, shown here as Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree closed

and the building now is home to Kinney Drugs and a Chinese take out store.

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The main room inside the library

The original vault of the bank has been used as a children's area. The wall is painted as the Witch's Castle and the vault door leads to the Flying Monkey Room.

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The Quiet Reading Room

The Periodical Reading Room

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This is a view of the AMES Plaza west of town. There used to be a free standing McDonald's where you now see a Dunkin' Donuts pictured. The Ames store is also gone, replaced by the Yellow Brick Road

Casino, an Oneida Nation property. The far right end of the plaza is Tops Market.

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The image on the left is the "Newton Building" built by my Grandfather in 1915 as a Ford dealership. His company was known as the Newton Motor Car Co. In this picture you see the aftermath of a devastating fire in what at the time was the New York Pizzeria. The building was torn down and a new NPG Credit Union   built in its place. The location is directly across from the old Chittenango Hotel.

A closeup of the carved sandstone name plate on the building.
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This is the garage area in the back of the building in 1917. New Fords being assembled to be sold.

This is the inside of the showroom. Notice the ornate ceilings. 
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This is the building that was the Ham That Am Ham restaurant. It is now DeMario's Eatery.

This is the Delphia Block. Most of us remember the Village Inn being here in the 60's. Jim's Soda Shop, and a few other places that escape my feeble memory! Yes it is true, we really do have Yellow Brick sidewalks!

One more Newton Motor Car Co. picture I unearthed. This is a picture circa 1912. It is the first location of the company directly across the street from the above pictures and to the left of the Chittenango Hotel as you look at the Hotel. It was called Newton's Garage and the Hotel was known then as The Dixon House. The person on the left is Chester Carpenter. (I think a relative of my cousin Larry Carpenter) and the person to the right is Floyd Newton Sr. You might remember this building as John's Broaster Hut from way back or The Land of OzCream more recently. Hard to believe one could fit cars inside that building! 

The outside of that building (left) as it looks today. The building on the right is the old Chittenango Hotel.
The hotel burned to the ground several years ago and is a vacant lot today.

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The Cottage as it looks today. This property is across from what was Sergio's restaurant back
in the day. A more recent picture (2024) would show the roof collapsed now.



Sergio's as it looked a bunch of years ago.. The Heiding Place was the last to occupy the building. As of 2024 the building now presents  its self as an Event Venue.




Edie's (Darleene's Kitchen) and the Byrne Dairy. The Byrne Dairy is empty as of 2023.

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Yates Hotel in the early 1900's. We knew it as Waldman's Department Store. Notice the second story porch.

Waldman's building today. A Mexican food place does business in part of the building now.
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This picture is across the street from Waldman's old building. The yellow building in the center is where the Esquire Cleaners was. It is now the Olive Branch Flower and Gift Shoppe. The street level section of the tall 2 story building to the right is where Ken's Luncheonette was. It continued to be a diner up until several years ago. It now houses a dog groomer and computer repair center.

Remember the Farm Supply? Back when my father was in High School, the upstairs of this building was used as the basketball court for the school team. It was torn down several years ago. The red spray painted message says "Save History" in a failed attempt to save the building from the wrecking ball.

Once the Farm Supply was torn down, St. Paul's church received the exposure it deserved after all those years!

This is a view of Sun Chevy. It used to be the location of Pat's Chevrolet for years.

This is a view of Chittenango Lumber. It has grown quite a bit since the days when Bud Hunt owned it. Bud's son Jeff owns and operates the expanded business today.
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