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08/25/10 11:39 AM #1    

Mark Timmons

Welcome to the Anderson High School Class Of 1966 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

07/25/11 10:25 AM #2    

Karen Collins (Weyer)


I can not make the Reunion from Fl..  I can not get away from work because there is no one to take my place while I am gone so I do not travel during school time... Sorry I am going to miss it and hope everyone has a great time!

Karen Weyer (Collins)

07/27/11 03:09 PM #3    

Sherry Corcoran (Payton)

July 27, 2011  Just wanted you all to know we now have a Anderson Grad as a member of the Cincinnati Bengals. So proud of my nephew Mark Wetterer who signed with the Bengals and is heading to training camp on Thursday.  He plays offensive guard and can't wait to see him in Orange and Black again!!

08/18/11 08:00 PM #4    

John Bartmess Jr.

I seem to have developed a case of anti-reunionitis. I missed the last one due to my wife starting chemo the weekend before (clean now, 5 years out). And now I'll miss this one: my 32 yo daughter is getting married that day in San Francisco.


So it goes. Have fun.



08/29/11 09:07 AM #5    

Lois Burdsal (Sandker)

Believe we've lost another classmate. TP White is having funeral services for Beverly Slack Kirk.

Age is right, didn't know her married name.

08/31/11 11:44 AM #6    


Robert Babbs

Is anyone interested in getting together at Frisch's on Beechmont in Anderson Twp. before the Football game on Friday night for dinner?  Gotta have my "Big Boy" fix sometime over that weekend!  Heck otherwise I eat alone!

09/19/11 05:49 PM #7    

Charlene Fontaine

Hi Bob......

yes...yes....yes... I would  love to meet with you to enjoy the time at our old standby Frisch's 

football  will be great! 

please call my on my cell...760 715 3344



09/26/11 01:26 AM #8    

Lois Burdsal (Sandker)

Went to the reunion, had a great time. Thanks to all for your hard work in putting it together.

Saw many people there had not seen in ages. What's the word on Mimi Rush? How is she doing?

09/26/11 04:44 PM #9    


Robert Babbs

Just got home after a 21 hour drive.  I agree with Lois.  It was a great time and thanks to all those whose efforts went into getting this together.  We need to keep this going as a permanent link for the class.....hint, hint, Mark!.  Let me know if there is anything I can do.  I WILL scan the old class pictures and put them on my page so that anyone who wants to can download them.  Give me a few days to catch up on things.   I think Karla is going to do the same.  My thoughts and best wishes to Mimi. 

09/27/11 10:13 AM #10    


Roger Marksberry

I just posted some of the pictures in my profile. It was wonderful to see again so many friends. Our Reunion had a great and welcoming atmosphere. So many have lived such successful and contributing lives. We have been a drag on society! If only the weekend had lasted longer. Thanks to all who attended and especially to those who put in the effort to make it happen. Hopefully more will attend the dinner at Fatso events even if golf is not a fit. I pray for Mimi's recovery and our collective health making it possible to return to our 50th Reunion.

10/07/11 07:57 AM #11    


Rose Zimmerman (Schmidt)

It was great seeing all these pictures from the reunion. Everyone looks great!  Thanks Mark and Karla for sharing. Wish I could have been there but am planning on the 50th.   

10/16/11 08:11 AM #12    

Lois Burdsal (Sandker)

While not a member of our class, I'm sure many classmates remember Ron Prewitt, class of '65.

He played football, so you football players would remember him. Just read his death notice in the paper. He had been married to Donna Strader for many years. He was a long time friend of mine from Newtown and worked after school with my mom. It didn't give many details, but just thought I'd pass this along FYI.

10/18/11 01:17 PM #13    

Elizabeth Helm (Mudd)

Elizabeth Helm Mudd

I was sorry I wasn't able to make the reunion.  Really enjoyed the pictures.  All those involved did a great job!  It looked like everyone had a great time.  Hopefully I'll be able to make it next time.  Great web-site by the way!

04/22/14 11:00 PM #14    


Daniel Cunningham

It seems strange posting a comment about the reunion at this late date!  Where have I been since the reunion?  Regardless of where I've been, I have to say that reunions get better and better as we get more 'mature', and while there might not be as many participants as we once enjoyed, there is 'more' of us (girth?) to be enjoyed than we had in '66!  Mark and Will have done an outstanding job of keeping the FATSO Golf Outing going, so if you've never been able to join in that tremendously entertaining event you need to check it out ASAP!  I think the Facebook page is still up and running..."FATSO golfers" LIKE us and leave us a note!

05/05/14 04:51 PM #15    

George Wanninger

Dan, I am looking forward to the Fatso outing again this year. I believe it is our 13th??

Anyway, if anyone wants to come but doesn't play golf, no big deal. Just contact Mark Timmons and come to the dinner and reception on saturday night June 7th at the Vineyards Golf Course...

See you then 

05/06/14 10:46 AM #16    

Lois Burdsal (Sandker)

Have it written on our calendar and we are looking forward to it again. Greg is out golfing right now, maybe his game will improve.....or not. (Maybe just an excuse to get out of the house.) We'll be there. It's always a fun time.

05/22/15 06:01 PM #17    

John Bartmess Jr.

I am attempting to access messages from this site, but my work computer regards MySocial Network as an attack and virus site and won't let me use it.

09/17/16 08:52 AM #18    

Thomas DeSalvo


Hello Classmates of AHS '66,

Very sorry I'm unable to attend our 50th reunion.

Fifty years ago, in the AHS Counseling Office, I neglected to check the "Retirement Option" on the "Musicians Career Path" form!
Should have read the fine print!

I have several shows this weekend, and can't bail out for reasons only my agent understands.

Hope to connect on our next reunion, and
Best wishes to everyone & their families,

Tommy DeSalvo

09/18/16 02:58 PM #19    


Cecilia Pinkerton (Yocum)

Oh my gosh, thanks Tommy

That explains a lot! I didn't even know there was a "retirement option" on the Anderson High School form.

Darn, I should have checked that too. I kept waiting for it to come through. Yes I too had to work. I hate that when I could have been having fun.

Hopefully enough of us can make it to a 55th or 60th.


Hope it was loads of fun and time for sharing memories.



Cecilia Yocum

09/18/16 08:25 PM #20    


Daniel Cunningham

Tommy and Cecilia,  the reunion was a fantastic event!  While I don't personally have all the numbers and names committed to memory I can tell you that you each were missed, talked about, and the subject of some funny and memorable stories!  We should have all the notes ready for publication before too long!  One thing was for certain, two nights, back to back, just were not enough time to remember and re-live the 50 years that have passed, nor the 53 classmates that have passed and nearly all of the teachers who tried to teach us so much in just 4 years.  We were so fortunate to have the lovable Coach Joe Miller share Friday evening with us.  While not all would agree that DeeJays were needed to add to the experience, they did their best to make us old geezers realize that our memories and hearing aren't nearly as sharp as they once might have been.  We all wish that every one of our Class of 66 would have gathered for the 50th, but none of us could locate those 'retirement option' documents for review by our legal team so we can only hope that at our next gathering we will still only be missing the 53 that have gone on to the next life. 

Personally speaking, I learned more about my classmates in the period of those two days than I did in all of the time I spent with them at AHS!

09/19/16 08:22 AM #21    


Cecilia Pinkerton (Yocum)

Thanks Daniel

Thanks for the update. Really sorry I missed being there.

Yes when we were younger we probably were not as up front about what was happening in our lives and also we have a lot more to say now after 50 years. LOL I envy those who live closer to each other and have been able to see each other more often than just at reunions.

09/19/16 06:27 PM #22    

Douglas McCoy

To my classmates of 1966,

I was verse disappointed that I.waste able to attend our 50th reunion. Although I'm semi retired I write for several publications and am in the middle of a project that has me tied up until completion.

Thanks to the Reunion committee for all their hard work. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures.


And to my friends from Anderson High, I still have fond memories of our time together. The names are too numerous to mention but I will remember you all and the great times we spent together.

The good Lord willing ill be around and able to attend our 55th reunion. In the meantime you can reach me @

Good luck and God bless..


05/05/21 03:21 PM #23    


Jose Filomeno

Hi everyone! Wouldn´t be nice for us to get together this year, after 55 years since ou graduation from AHS? Well, unfortunately the plague won´t allow it to happen. But there´s a saying in Portuguese that goes: "NÃO HÁ BEM QUE DURE NEM MAL QUE NUNCA SE ACABE". That is: "THERE´S NO NEVER-ENDING GOOD, OR EVIL THAT NEVER GOES". So, let´s wait for better days. And whenever planning on coming down to São Paulo, Brazil, let me know! There´ll always be a "caipirinha" (our national drink) and an icy beer, together with some treats!! SAÚDE E FELICIDADES A TODOS!!!

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