By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo

Thomas C. Baker (Deceased 2009)
Colleen R. Darby (McIntosh) (Deceased 2008)  
Scott Dennis (Deceased Year Unknown)
Mark R. Johnson (Deceased 2001)  
Cheryl L. Maxam (Deceased Year Unknown)
Richard G. McKibben (Deceased 2004)  
Susan B. Nowakowski (Deceased 2005)  
Devin W. O'Neill (Deceased Year Unknown)
Nick V. Pelushewski (Deceased Year Unknown)
Steven C. Percival (Deceased 2022)  
Thomas M. Rohroff (Deceased 1986)
Jonathan N. Tegart (Deceased 2010)  
Mary J. VanLoon (Deceased 2008)  
Karen L. VanPelt (Deceased 2010)  

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