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08/03/08 08:12 PM #1    

Nan Epting (Trout)

Welcome to the Richland Northeast High School Class Of 1988 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

09/12/08 04:53 AM #2    

Denise Brown (Livingston)

Just wanted to give Nan a shout out for doing such a good can't be easy. Anyway, any of you want to contact me you can email me at I cant wait to see you all, unfortunately most of you wont remember me because I left in our sophmore year, but I went to school with most of you from 5th grade to then...Condor, Dent, then RNE...YAH!

10/21/08 03:45 PM #3    

Rick Rhodes (Richie Camacho)

Hello everyone, Like denise I also moved away before graduation but I grew up with most of you and I would love to know how all of you are doing these days.

After HighSchool I took my father's name back but you all know me as Richie Camacho.

P.S. To clear up any rumors... I have never been to jail and I am not dead. :)

10/30/08 06:01 AM #4    

Denise Brown (Livingston)

Hey Richie!!! LOL...good talking to you again. Anyway everyone can email me at, we are in the process of moving so did away with my old internet

12/23/08 11:27 PM #5    

Nicole "Nicky" Dixon

Hello Classmates!

I was going to attend the reunion Saturday but it's the same day as my birthday and my friends have planned some events for me to include a "surprise" party! Yeah, they had to tell me when they found out I was going to attend the reunion.
I'm sorry I won't get to see you all but I hope you have a great time and to those of you who have reached out to me on here, please keep in touch!

Happy holidays everyone!


12/29/08 06:27 PM #6    

Mári Squire

All I can say is WOW! Y'all have no idea how inspiring this class has been to me. We had classmates sponsoring others to come, volunteering time, and services and making donations. We've always been a cohesive group and THAT's what made this a fun event. OK, so I've become a softie, but y'all almost brought a sista to tears a few times over the months.

Now to the nitty gritty! It feels like we JUST graduated and picked up right where we left off...

Oh what a night! Starring...

...Denise "teach me some moves" Brown Livingston, Kevin "the snakester" Steagall, Tomiko's "pump it up" husband (sorry I forgot the name), Al "Al Al Cool J" Gunn, David "dirty dancing" Tarr , Craig "the music man" Hewitt- thanks for the music relief at the picnic, Kevin "still got rhythm" Straker, Katherine "rock that baby" Goff Lockwood, Lorenza, minister "haven't forgotten where I came from" Ross, Rick "Don't look into the light" Carter, Celecia "Shake what ya mama gave ya" Hawkins Dinkins (Hey Tyrone- I didn't forget about ya this time), Greta "Unstoppable" Kennedy- proud of ya, Earl "Superman" Rushin with "superwoman" on his arm, Holley "What's so funny" Squire Cherry, Corey "who's that you jamming with?" Head, Jevelous "Not so curious anymore" Toney (Sorry, man. For real. LOL!), Pat "Pop-n-Lock" Reed, Patricia "Marilyn" Sherrill Hanna, Melanie "Sweetheart" Winters Howard, Natalie "Beautiful One" Goates Castro, Talmadge "Whatever Mari!" Coleman, Monique "Impromptu Bartender" Hayward, Althea "Lucky charm" Williams Duncan, Anthony "Wanna Dance?" Brown... and a host of other characters.

Thanks for a fun night!

12/31/08 10:29 PM #7    

Corey Head

I had a great time at the reunion and hope everyone who attended did as well. Do I hear 25TH... 30TH anyone anyone. lol

01/02/09 06:41 PM #8    

Katherine Goff (Lockwood)

Thank you...Thank you...Thank you to all that made this night a HUGE success. I hate to leave anyone out as I am not sure of all the hard workers but I do know a big hug is deserved by Mari, Erma, Nan, and many others!!! I truly appreciate all the many hours over the past year that you spent pulling this giant event together, it was wonderful!! I look forward to being in one piece and without a new little one for the next one so I can help and enjoy the fun. I loved seeing everyone but after reading through Mari's list I didn't see everyone. How did I miss Greta?? Also, I didn't buy a picture that night is there still a way to purchase? Happy New Year and I would love to get together again at 25!!! Love, Katherine "Goff" Lockwood

02/24/09 11:50 AM #9    

Scott Uria

I moved away prior to graduation also, but glad to see everyone is doing great! The only ones I have kept up with the past serval years is Bridgette Rumph and Tosha Smalls. Thanks Erma for telling me about this site. I have my Dent Middle School year books to laugh at the early years of all of us. Dont be surprised if you see them added to my profile soon. :)

10/03/10 09:10 PM #10    

Denise Brown (Livingston)

Hi all!!  I say to heck with tradition and lets do a 23 yr reunion!!!!!  LOL.  But do it when its warm and we can play some softball or something...:)  Anyway had a blast and think its a shame we all wait so long to get come on class of 88 lets break the "traditional" mold and do it again...soon...

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