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08/26/08 09:15 PM #1    

Steve Cleary

What memories do you have of you high school years at Southeast?

I do have a lot of memories, but the one that I will keep with me forever is the Southeast vs. Dalton game Final 14 - 13 to this day STILL the only Southeast team to beat them.

09/07/08 10:57 AM #2    

Joey Martel

I remember that game too ol' buddy. Shame that no one has done it since ( or had our winning record also).

09/12/08 12:14 AM #3    

Brian Long

Probably shouldn't be ratting on Stewart but anyway...............
I'll never forget finding him laying in the kitchen floor at my parents house the morning after a party (they were gone). He was on his back in the kitchen floor with his feet in the freezer and all the frozen dinners dispersed evenly across his body. When I inquired about his odd sleeping arrangement he said "I was hot". I guess finding and adjusting the thermostat to the AC just never crossed his mind....... Sorry Stu, I can't get that scene outta my head.

09/12/08 04:49 PM #4    

Bart Rich

Most of my memories were of "Crash Colston". I think he wrecked about 3 cars in high school. Still to this day I will not ride with him. Sorry Colston

09/12/08 06:43 PM #5    

Steve Cleary

Well if my memory is as good as I think it is someone not saying any names (Bart) can not drive a straight shift (JEEP)... lol!!!! I drove a month without a drive shaft before I told my dad.

09/12/08 06:44 PM #6    

Steve Cleary

By the way, Thank you Robert Gillean for the quick fix that night....

09/12/08 11:01 PM #7    

Sean Belcher

I remember Brian Long, Bill Dickie, Jeff Andrews and I cut Spanish class to go up to the top of the practice football field and hit golf balls into the stadium. We even shot some video of the fun.

09/12/08 11:49 PM #8    

Brian Long

And as big an a-hole as coach Lloyd could be, he never complained about our divots in the football field because "he understood" (fed -ex commercial reference)

09/17/08 08:05 AM #9    

Bart Rich

Oh yeah Steven, My bad.

09/22/08 11:37 AM #10    

Jeff Andrews

Hey Belcher,

Leave me out of this, I don't recall performing any kind of juvenile behavior during high school. Maybe my memory has just gotten worse???

09/29/08 09:51 AM #11    

Brian Long

Your memory must be totally wiped out. I don't remember anything but juvenile behavior! Just look at your picture on that street bike for further proof.

10/02/08 05:56 PM #12    

Andy Nelson

Anybody remember "Shortys"? on 41 hwy?

10/03/08 07:51 AM #13    

Brian Long

I remember that watering hole. They made me feel like I was 21. I wonder if they still can?

10/24/08 03:25 PM #14    

Kitten Dixon (Henson)

I passed the old Shorty's last night. That is the first time I have been out that far in probably 15 or more years! The building is for sale... Brian, maybe you should buy it so we can ALL come there & feel 21 again! Oops...I mean 16...isn't that how old everybody was that went there?!

10/24/08 03:30 PM #15    

Tonja Cooper (Puryear)

I remember parties... Renee's, Jill's, Sandy Parson's, etc. I remember the "field" and hanging out with guys who were way to old for us to be hanging out with. I remember sneaking out of my house too many times to count but when I got caught swearing that it was the one and only time! (Don't tell my Mother, she still doesn't know.)

10/24/08 09:27 PM #16    

Jerri Lynn Cooper (Parris)

Tonja, remember the hunch punch and pickles night at your house in your bedroom. I want say but someone was hanging out the window throwing up. I really thought she was going to die that night but we all made it thru that and I never touhed that red stuff again!

10/25/08 01:19 PM #17    

Brian Long

Ok everyone, to hell with The Farm, were all going to Shorty's instead. Rock on 80's.

10/26/08 02:43 PM #18    

Kitten Dixon (Henson)

Shorty's it is!

Does anybody remember going to "breakfast" on Friday mornings at Looper's Bridge?! I can not beleive some of the stuff we pulled!

11/04/08 05:43 PM #19    

Andy Nelson

Who are you people?

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