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11/07/08 11:49 PM #20    

Bryan Harris

I would like to share some memories but I am not sure what the Statue of Limitations are for many of the deeds done and I would hate to incriminate people who are living a simple life and want the past to be the past -- some of those deeds did catch up with me and George Danny Smith ( the city were gracious host that evening in the holding cell and we met many happy deputies). I called the Dalton Daily Citizen Forum to inform all the good citizens of Mitch Hasty and his past but unfortunately they did not post my comments in the paper --- did anyone find it confusing that Mitch claimed to be a democrat. Mitch -sorry but I did not vote for you-- I wrote myself in as a Libertarian canidate. For all of those whose occupation is teaching- please do not critique my sentence structure or puncuation. I will see you Saturday night.

11/10/08 11:20 AM #21    

Tonja Cooper (Puryear)

I don't know about anybody else but I had a wonderful time Saturday night! Thanks to everybody on the Reunion committe who worked so hard! You did a superb job. Yes Steve, I am admitting that I am glad I went. You were right.

11/10/08 05:19 PM #22    

Kit Tarvin (Tarvin-Peek)

I agree with Tonja. Myria and I had a great time as well. I really enjoyed catching up with each of you.

Now..... I just need to get Brian and Bill to Atlanta to beat them at a round of golf. Just playing Brian.... I know you won't show up if you think a girl will beat you.

11/10/08 09:43 PM #23    

Jerri Lynn Cooper (Parris)

Thanks to each of you who had a part in making this a great 20 yr reunion. Again, thank you Steven for the web site. I hope everyone continues to stay in touch and keep updating their profiles. Kitten Tarvin thanks for the "Hot Dog" story, so funny! Renee, I hope my son doesn't find the "Picture" that was lost at Southeast 20 years ago. Can't wait for the next reunion.

11/11/08 09:15 PM #24    

Shona Dockery (Shook)

Just wanted to say it was very nice getting to see everyone, most of whom I haven't seen since graduation. Special thanks to Renee, Leslie, and especially Steven for all the hard work putting everything together. Pretty impressive considering all three of you managed to put so much time in it and never missed a beat with your job, three children, AND a spouse at home!
The band sounded great also!

11/12/08 08:05 AM #25    

Brian Long

Thanks to everyone that helped with the event. You guys did a fantastic job.
I had more fun than I expected and somehow did so without offending anyone(correct me if I'm wrong). I was amazed at how many people suddenly wanted to talk about golf. I'm sure in school most manly men thought Golf was for nerds geeks or sissies. Well it may be but it is also highly addictive. I think we need to get a class of '88 golf scramble together for the spring. Since Sean Belcher was the self appointed captain of the golf team, I think he should head this thing up. Please respond.
Oh yea, Kit, your on for a trip to Atl. Let me just warn you about beating me, I cheat and lie so it's not gonna happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/12/08 06:55 PM #26    

Christi Wells (Gallman)

I had a great time Sat. night! It was really good to see everyone. Andy you were awesome! We used to have so much fun in school. I agree with Andy, I have meet a lot people since high school but you guys are still the best and coolest by far!
A big thank you to everyone who made the reunion such a great time. I know you all worked hard and it really showed.

I hope we all keep in touch and let's not wait until 30 yrs. to get together again!!!

11/13/08 10:13 AM #27    

Kitten Dixon (Henson)

I have to say, I was a bit nervous about going to the reunion...but I HAD A BLAST! That was so much fun & I truly enjoyed seeing everyone.

Thanks so much to the reunion committee for all your hard work, you guys did an outstanding job! I think you should go ahead and plan another get together for next year! Same time, same place? I just hate to wait 5 or 10 years to see everyone again.

Thanks again to everyone to came...I loved it.

11/13/08 02:20 PM #28    

Steve Cleary

PARTY at Kitten's House!!! oops! flashback!

11/13/08 03:23 PM #29    

Susann Babb (Sosebee)

I am so sad that I had to miss the reunion.(My daughter's team got first place at the cheer competition though) It sounds like everyone had a blast and the reunion committee did a great job. And a big "thanks" to Steven for this great web-site. I agree with Kitten, lets not wait 5 or 10 years to plan another get together.

11/13/08 05:33 PM #30    

Chris Voyles

What an awesome trip back in time! The reunion will be one of the best memories. I am sure everyone didnt have time to talk to everyone, but those who came up and talked, thanks! Mr Andy Babb needs to run for office! What a great speaker! Cheers to Everyone!

11/14/08 01:53 PM #31    

Tammy Young (Smith)

First off, THANK YOU to all who had a hand in putting the night together. It was GREAT! It was such a great pleasure seeing all of you Saturday night. I also missed a lot of you that was not able to make it. The night brought back many memories with some I do not recall. Oh well, I guess that is what age does to you. Can't wait until the next reunion and hope more can join us... Take care and keep your information/pictures updated... I love looking at the family photos. Have a wonderful and blessed holiday season.....

11/15/08 08:11 AM #32    

Kimberly Ballew (Rhudy)

Thank you soooo much for posting pictures!!! I miss all of you guys terribly and I really wish I had been able to make it to the reunion. Hopefully, I will be able to be there for the next one! Keep the pictures coming and if any of you are ever in Texas, please look me up!!! Everybody take care and lets all keep in touch!!

11/15/08 01:31 PM #33    

Kitten Dixon (Henson)

Steven, you are a nut! We could have a bonfire/field party here at my house in the pasture...everyone can bring a tent & it will be just like old times! I don't have enough bedrooms for everybody, so they are first come first serve! Maybe we can plan something like that for the spring when it is not quite so cold. We also have some friends that like to get together & play music so I bet they would come play for us. We've had a party like that before & it was a blast. I will see what I can do...

Also, I was thinking the same thing that Chris said about Andy! I think it is wonderful that he is teaching these little children but I think he may have missed his calling as a politician or maybe a game show host! Hey Andy, can I buy a vowel?

11/16/08 07:54 PM #34    

Brian Long

Kitten, It's becoming obvious to me that some things never change............Yea!!!! We gotta put a pig in the ground. I know a guy that will take care of the whole deal cheep.

11/17/08 08:04 AM #35    

Kitten Dixon (Henson)

Scott is from North Carolina and they do that up there all the time. "Pig Pickin" they call it. Sounds good to me, so what is the date for this shin dig? If we wait until summer people can swim if they want, but I was kinda thinking spring so the bonfire wouldn't be too hot. I've already cleared it with Scott so we are good to go...thoughts anyone?

11/17/08 04:25 PM #36    

Kit Tarvin (Tarvin-Peek)

I think maybe Feb would be a good time for the bonfire party. However, just let me know the date and we will be there!

11/18/08 08:19 PM #37    

Jerri Lynn Cooper (Parris)

Brian, you got the beer on ice and Kitten sounds like all you rowdy friends are coming over tonight, well maybe not tonight. I'm in!

11/29/08 11:48 AM #38    

Pam Brookshire (Duke)

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.
I would like to tell the reunion committee thanks for everything they did and the time they spent to make our 20 year reunion a great one! I really enjoyed the night and loved seeing everyone!

Andy, if you ever decide to be a politician you have my vote..... You did an excellent job at the reunion!

Diane Holcomb, thanks for the trip down memory lane about our childhood, too funny!!!!!!! Somethings I had forgotten.

12/27/08 07:29 PM #39    

Laura Bennett (Beavers)

Hey Guys!!! Sorry I missed the reunion. I was so looking forward to it. I became very ill and ended up having surgery a few weeks ago. I am still recovering but I am feeling much better. I will spare you all the details.

However, sounds like everyone had a blast and I can't wait until the next get together. So...keep me posted.

Tonya...yeah I remember the famous red punch!!!! lol
And your Mom cooking breakfast the next day and wanting me to eat!!! That was bad!!! How about this one...ECLIPSE!!!!!!

Those were the days!!! I have an 18 year old son and its not quite as funny. My Mom always told me I'd "pay for my raising " That'a scary!! But we survived and for the most part I think we all turned out to be responsible citizens. so....

Anyway, I have enjoyed the pictures and the web site. So THANKS to all of you who invested your time into making this happen. It's good to look back and have a good laugh!!

Hope to hear from you guys soon.

God Bless,
Laura Beavers ( Bennett )

03/17/09 12:19 AM #40    

Mitch Hasty

Hey guys, sorry I missed the twnety year class! You guys rock,I hope we get together a little sooner the next time. Steven,Coach Martin,Kit Tarvan,Robert Gillean sorry I missed the party, but had kids and talk ourselfs out of it! Sorry Class of 1988. Hope to see all of you next time.

04/08/09 11:01 AM #41    

Kitten Dixon (Henson)

Well guys it looks like the bonfire will have to be put on hold for a little while! We are booked every single weekend through June (& some in July & August!) with either softball or basketball tournaments with Karlie. I haven't forgotten about it & I still want us to get together...I will let you all know when we can do it!

07/27/09 04:08 PM #42    

Diane Holcomb (Williams) as far as I know the bonfire at Kitten's never happened. Something in the Fall would be nice. Let me know what I can bring to the party!

Pam Greeson, memory lane from the early years is a blast. We had so much fun and truly didn't get into toooooooo much trouble!

08/01/13 01:42 PM #43    


Andy Babb

It's Reunion Time again!  Can't wait to see you guys.

10/18/21 04:22 PM #44    

Steve Cleary

Time sure does fly by!  It sucks getting old... I would do anything to be able to go back and do it all over again... I love my brothers and sister but I had the best family at Southeast that anyone could ever ask for, I miss you all and the great times we had..... 35 years is coming up!

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