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Angela Cline

I'm not sure, but I do remember it was just a few years after high school that she passed away.. If anyone has information about Angela please email me (Steve) and I will post it.

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09/15/08 11:52 PM #1    

Kim Grant (Brazell)

Angela was a wonderful person with a tremendous since of humor. She became my friend in first grade because she could draw a fish better than I could. She taught me how to draw it and we went through elementary, middle and high school together only separated by homerooms. We even registered for Dalton College together. She remained my friend until the day that she died. She died on July 20, 1989 from a blood clot that went to her heart after brain surgery. I still miss her everyday and think what a wonderful woman that she would have become if she had lived.

Angela had a wit about her that she didn't reveal often...only if she felt close to you. I don't think Angela truly knew how much she meant to everyone. At her funeral, you had to wait in line for an hour just to speak to her parents. She would have been amazed by that. She was a super Christian and one of the smartest people I will ever know. She was special. When I married several years ago, I contacted her Mom and Ivana (also very close to Angela) lit a memory candle for her. I knew that she was there in spirit because she was always there for me in life.

The day that she told me about her brain tumor, I thought she was calling to tell me that she was getting married. She had met the man of her dreams and they were very much in love. Instead, she was calling with news that I wasn't quite, and am still not able to fully accept. I truly think that she knew her time on this Earth would be brief, but her smile, her laugh and her kindness lives on through those that loved her. I feel privileged to say that I am one of those people.

10/02/08 09:15 PM #2    

Wanda Caudill (McElrath)

Angela sat behind me in several classes and I have to agree that she did have a good sense of humor and a great personality. It is so sad that she died so young.

10/31/08 01:51 PM #3    

Ivana Lewis (Flowers)

Kim, you always seem to know how to say something in the perfect way. I'll just say that I sure would love to get a hug and a note from her. I have sooo many notes that she wrote to me over the years, to IGG...I'm yet to understand how she came up with that name but when Joey Martel called me that a few days ago, silly I guess, but I kinda felt honored.

When we get to heaven we'll have to have some girl time! I hope she's proud of us as she looks down.

Thanks Kim for helping to fill the void all these years. There are no two people more special than you and Angela.

09/26/13 12:12 AM #4    

Andy Babb

I would like to say this, I know in school that I had a sharp tongue but what I remember the most about Angela is that she always got the best of me.I went 12 years of school with her.  She would just tell me like it was. I remember she put me in my place many times, a lot better than any guys could. She would hear me mouthing off about something and then she would just basically put me in my place with her comment, spoken with a quiet voice, a dry sense of humor and a slight upturned smile in the corners of her mouth as she sat back like somebody who just had won a chess match and said "check mate". Well Angela you got me everytime and you beat me to Heaven as well.

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