LHS Memorabilia

Lowrey's Fight Song:

We are the champions, Lowrey’s our name.
Our school will conquer all, Fight for our great name.
Sing Lowrey’s praises high, Shout them all the day.
We are the champions of the Red and the Gray

Lowrey's Class of '69 Poem:

We walk down the halls so cool and sweet
Seemingly floating on our feet
Very courteous and always wise
You can tell we are leaders, by the look in our eyes
We do not argue, cuss or swear
But when you need us, we’re always there
As tough as nails, as fine as wine
Lowrey’s class of sixty nine 

Anyone know to wrote this poem? One recollection is that it was done by Mark Stevens (he left LHS after our sophomore year).


How was Lowrey Named?

Lowrey street & school was named for Harvey H. Lowrey (1878 - 1961) who was superintendent of the Springwells, Fordson & Dearborn School districts , 1921 - 1946.


Remember WKNR - KEENER 13?  check out their website here

LHS School Programs & Booklets:

Lowrey Asterisk 1969 (Literary booklet) 14 MB
Student Handbook Fall 1966
Rally Around the Flag Boys

Anything Goes
Activities Banquet Program
Graduation Program
Prom Invitation
Prom Program
Sophmore Student ID Card

Teacher Profiles (at bottom of Classmate Profiles):
Mr. Quigley (O.W. Best Jr. High) 

Lowrey Light Student Newpapers:

Sophmore Year 66/67 Junior Year 67/68 Senior Year 68/69
LL_1-13-67.pdf LL_2-6-68.pdf LL_10-18-68.pdf
LL_10-20-67.pdf LL_4-5-68.pdf LL_12-6-68.pdf
LL_12-01-67.pdf LL_6-7-68.pdf LL_12-20-68.pdf


Pardee Kindergarten 1956/1957
Pardee Fourth Grade Winzeler 1960/1961
Pardee Fourth Grade Ciofi 1960/1961
Pardee Sixth Grade 1962/1963
Madison Fourth Grade 1960/1961
OW Best Seventh Grade 1963/1964
Lowrey Graduation Car Parade 1969


Other Newspaper Articles:

Lowrey Basketball Dec 1968