Class Survey/Input?

Dear  Deer Park 1963 Classmates: 

We hope each of you will take the time to complete the survey which follows regarding our upcoming 50th Reunion in 2013. 

We will be having our next  committee meeting the last week of September and hope to have received a good number of your completed surveys.  We want this to be a reunion that everone has the opportunity to give us their input.

Please get in contact with classmates that have not joined the sight, so they will be included in the planning process.  Hopefully, as momentum grows everyone will want to attend our event in celebration of our fifty years since graduating from Deer Park High School in 1963.

Your help is greatly needed to make this the best reunion ever.  If you are interested in being part of the Reunion Committee please let us know.  You are more than welcome!



Debbie Fassnacht Richter

On Behalf of the Reunion Committee





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1)   * What is your best month for the reunion?

  Coordinate with Deer Park's 2013 Homecoming (Sept or Oct)

We think these seven months are the window of opportunity for us to gather and celebrate our graduation 50 years ago.

There has been some talk to coordinate the event with the Deer Park Homecoming in 2013 and we are wating for that specific date.
2)   * What is your preference on location?

  Embasy Suites Blue Ash
  Montgomery Inn
  Hilton Garden Suites

Location can be anywhere that would hold a large gathering of people (100 - 120)that would satisfy the needs of what we would like to do that evening. Maybe someone is clever and can come up with some place that is unique.
3)   * We want to establish a price that allows us to have a good venue and holds our cost to a fair value for all participants. We ask for your thoughts.


Remember this is our 50th and like our 25th, we might want to pay more than the off year reunions. This will probably be our last big blast unless we have a 75th reunion in 2038!
4)   * Would you like a Friday night "Meet & Greet" perhaps at a DPHS football game and then followed by a gathering at a local restaurant?

Yes No
The "Meet & Greet" would not be as organized an event like Saturday night. It would be the expense of the individual for their food and drink.
5)   * Do you want music for the Saturday night event?

  No Music

Some are concerned that music will not allow us the opportunity for conversation. Need your thoughts!
6)   * Will you be needing hotel accommodations?

Yes No
Some of you will be visiting family and will not need accommodations, but others might want to stay at a hotel and even those who live in Cincy might want to stay overnight on Saturday. We will be glad to work on a hotel discount in the area.
7)   Please give us your ideas and comments so we can plan for the best possible 50th Class Reunion.

Please respond to this question. We want to hear from YOU! Our event will only be succesful if we are good with our planning and we need your input.