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08/05/15 08:27 AM #22    

Lynn Jacob

To the committee what a wonderful job you did. It was a great time and and what a pleasure to see so many classmates there. 

08/05/15 11:12 AM #23    


Stephen B. Malerman

It was truly a wonderful experience seeing everyone and sharing our memories again, from a "few (haha) years ago.

i was happy that we had  only a 5 year break so i could see my dear friend Nancy Rattner, instead of waiting 10 years .

looking forward to our 60th

08/05/15 01:31 PM #24    


Dr. Stephen Millman

Sorry I couldn't make it for # 55. I live in Ca and timing was poor. ( I will be in Det for a Bat Mitzvah Labor Day  weekend.) Sounds like everyone had a good time. Hopefully we'll make it for #60! Steve Millman

08/05/15 03:02 PM #25    


Ann Getz (Small)

Dear Rosie,Bunny and Reunion Committee,

Thank you all for a Great Reunion Weekend

It was so very special to see and be with everyone.

you all made this a memorable and enjoyable weekend.

Ann Getz Small


08/06/15 09:45 AM #26    

Donna Ruch (Dubrow)


It was a great weekend. I am thrilled that I made the trip. The warm feeling and joy

that was felt between us is memorable  I am looking forward to our "60th"!






02/18/16 03:56 PM #27    

Alan Kay

    Donnie Bigelman will be greatly missed by many, including those, some of whom  may not have even seen him in decades. There is a group of us that were with him in the late 1940s and all of the 1950s and into the 1960s and his  best friends in Detroit. Many of us were with him from 1st grade  at Bagley Elementary, then at Post Intermediate, and/or at Mumford High School.  And 2 of us (Danny and myself) were also with Donnie at Michigan State in the dorm as roommates  and I was even “his brother” in ZBT at MSU before moving to Florida.  In addition to being his closest schoolmates, we were also with Donnie  in our JCC Club and sports teams, the Normans, and most of us were also with him in our highly esteemed high school fraternity, the Cosmos.  
    Myself, Ricky Schwartz, Danny Stewart,  Marty Tessler, Billy Shell and Mel Chase will all miss Donnie  very much.  Marty, Ricky and I were hoping to be there in Daytona for the “Donnie’s Celebration of Life” on March 19th,  but could not finalize our schedules to come over from the west coast of Florida.  But we  will be there “in spirit.”  
     We all send our regards and best wishers to Rhoda and Jimmy, who should remember all of us from “back then”  and as how close we all  were with Donnie “back in the day.”  We always knew the proper spelling of the surname and I can still hear Donnie slogan with his smile saying “It’s Big-Man “with an “EL” in the middle” !! He was “a great and fun guy.”

Alan Kay

02/19/16 10:52 AM #28    

Robert Rubin

A name out of the past...I remember him from Bagley -always a good guy- life is not a dress rehearsal.

Bobby Rubin


02/19/16 01:31 PM #29    

Mark Hauser

Sorry to hear about "Wee Dee".  Will always remember his dance/hand slap routines with Ricky Schwartz.

Mark Hauser

02/22/16 08:08 AM #30    


Robert Meyers

So sorry to hear about Don. Soon it'll be our turn. Life goes on. Alan (Kay) that is a beautiful message that has me proud to know so many great Mumford people. Too bad we only get together so often only at the reunions. My very best to Don's family and to everyone.

02/23/16 11:19 AM #31    

Melvyn Chase

I lived next door to Donnie on Kentucky all thru Mumford and before. He was a class act. It really hits home when you lose someone that close. Condolences to his whole family. And well done, Alan, you said it all. 

02/24/16 07:00 PM #32    


Shirley Ann Levine (Kruman)

I enjoy reading the posts and keeping connected, especially after reading the memorials.  I'm still here!!! 

03/31/16 11:46 AM #33    


Barbara Silverman (Whitfield)

I just did a series of youtube interviews with Jeffrey Mishlove PhD from Thinking Allowed (PBS). This link below is a 1/2 hour on the Secrets and Implications of Medicinal Marijuana:                      



04/06/16 08:47 PM #34    

Alan Kay

Mini-Reunion In Florida: Marty Tessler, Rickey Schwartz and Alan Kay

We had a Mini-Reunion here in Florida on March 29th, 2015.  Marty Tessler and Rickey Schwartz spend their Winters in Sarasota, going back and forth to the Detroit area, Chicago and the east coast of Florida.   I live in the St Petersburg Area about an hour away.  It took us a while this year to schedule a time when all three of us were available to schmooze.

As usual, we had a great time talking about the old days and what's been going on recently.

During this get together, we were on the phone with Danny Stewart and Mark Gould and recently I spoke with Billy Shell.

Just wanted to share this photo.




04/07/16 06:53 AM #35    


Barbara Silverman (Whitfield)


We are part time in Sarasota. Why not expand your get together for others that live in the area? We did a mini reunion years ago when I lived in Connecticut and it was fun!  Barbara Silverman Whitfield





04/07/16 12:15 PM #36    

Trudy Krakow (Weltzer)

If anyone lives in the Miam-Boca area in Florida, please let me know.

Trudy Krakow Weitzer

04/08/16 09:02 AM #37    

Paula Janowitz (Allan)

 Anyone In Palm Springs, California? Let me know.

06/13/17 09:53 AM #38    

Ellen Schwartz (Stross)

Hi!  Calling all Pasteur Alums ... The Sherwood Forest Association is hosting a picnic on Saturday (4-7pm)

for former residents to meet current residents. 

Email from Marcy Feldman, President of Pasteur Alumni Foundation:
They are inviting residents and former residents to a picnic.
FYI I have 1640 alumni on our database. I do not know everyone who once lived in Sherwood Forest and cannot pick from the list. This invitation is ONLY for former residents of Sherwood Forest. The park cannot accommodate more than that number. Please respect this and if you would like to have a similar reunion please scroll down to the end.
Dear Former Resident of Sherwood Forest: 
     If you would like to visit your former Sherwood Forest home, either on June 17, the day of the homecoming picnic, or on some other day, send a letter to “Homeowner” or “Resident” at your former address.  If the current owner does not respond, contact Gail Rodwan at for assistance.   
    Sherwood Forest residents have been informed of this back-to-my-childhood-home project, and many have told us that they are eager to open their homes and participate.   We think this will be great fun!
      If you are a former resident and would like to receive the original invitation please contact Gail Rodwan. Also please forward to friends and relatives who lived in Sherwood Forest and let Gail know that you will be attending.
Marcy Feldman
President, Pasteur Elementary School Alumni Foundation
Gail Rodwan
Sherwood Forest Association
(248) 514-5359 (Marcy)
For those Pasteur Alumni who did not live in Sherwood Forest 
would you want to help plan a dessert reunion
at the school in the future? Please contact me with a reply!
In the meantime, feel free to write to your former address and ask if you can visit your house and share memories sometime. We hope that you can let residents know that we are active in the school. Maybe we can encourage the residents to come help tutor a child! 
What a great thing to do together! 
Pasteur Elementary School Alumni Foundation
P.O. Box 7083, Huntington Woods, MI 48070


08/13/19 07:55 PM #39    


Dottie Marx

Hello all.... Anyone with a birthday near Sept 12 who is interested in going to dinner to celebrate? Dottie Marx

08/14/19 12:43 PM #40    


Arnold Cohen (Cohen)

I would Dottie but I live in Seattle, haha!



08/14/19 02:37 PM #41    

Anne Mischakoff (Heiles)

Anyone living in central Illinois or the Chicago area?

08/15/19 05:36 PM #42    


Dottie Marx

Arnie.   Ilived in Bellingham/Blaine 14 years.    Still visit WA.  Great place. Dottie

02/22/21 04:37 PM #43    

Harry Katkowsky

Mickey was truly a one of a kind. So much fun. Did anyone love music more?

09/11/22 06:00 PM #44    

Gloria Parzen (Stevens)

Any out-of-towners planning on going to our 60th reunion. Let me know. 

11/09/22 04:57 PM #45    


Fred LaBell

Did anyone take photos of the 60th Reunion? I am living in Arizona and could not attend, besides the fact that my wife and I are recovering from Covid. Togetherness going to far. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful time.

Fred LaBell

02/25/24 07:33 PM #46    


Fred LaBell

As an official member of the old geezer club I welcome all of you from Mumford 60'.

I asked before, but did not get a response; was there a 60th Reunion? if so were there any photos?

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