"He who hesitates is lost!"  --Bob Nicholson

"Your knee hurts! Which knee...your left knee, your right knee, your hynee or your weenie?" --Bob Nicholson

"This is the tough one. You can always do the last one. Why....because it's the last one!"  --Skip Stolley

"Get out of my way, I have to restock the toybox" --Mike Marshall

"Larry......you got a jockonyourlock!"  --John Sullivan

What's the workout? 45 minute easy run?! OK....who's got the basketball?" --All of us

"Get out fast because at the bottom of the hill, it's all assholes and elbows" --Skip Stolley before the '76 State XC meet

"Who the hell was Roy Gummerson anyway?!" --John Sullivan after 13 hours at the Oak Park Relays

"Itsth a long raith tho paith yourthelves" --Hairlip starter from Bloom

"Didn't Tommy Galen start that run with a pair of socks?!" --unknown

"Jeffery Zapchenk...get the lead aaaout!"  --Bob Nicholson

"You guys are sweating Stroh's"  --Skip Stolley (to Larry Kane and Larry Steele as they struggled to get their spikes on for an early Saturday practice)


"That was as impressive as some of Jim Ryun's races. I'm from Kansas so I can say that!" --Bob Nicholson (to Terry Bauer from Bloom after Terry ran a 4:17 mile as a freshman on Bloom's 11 lap indoor dungeon/track)

" Hey you F#@*er, you cut!" --Jim Galen (to a kid from Fenton H.S. who missed a flag in the Ridgewood Invitational) That relatively unknown runner turned out to be Jim Spivey. He won the race by 40 seconds even after apologizing and circling back to run around the flag.

"Root, hog or die!" --Bob Nicholson

"What is the workout?!" Jim Duncker (after returning from summer vacation for his 1st day of cross-country practice.) The workout was 100 100's. JD is still gets up limping every morning as a result of that fateful day

"SST stands for Skip Stolley Timed" --Jeff Wagner in trying to explain why so many underclassman ran PR's in an end-of-the year time trial

"Several dozen athletes screamed, laughed, cajoled and punched each other in the easy found intimacy which sports give to young men in groups and which they would consciously or sub-consciously miss during the rest of their lives" --John L. Parker Jr. from the novel Once A Runner

"Everyone on the starting (at the Olympics) dreamed of winning, but only one won--but this is not important--the journey was what was important. Dream big, but let your dreams inspire how you live today. Dreams should not be about the end goal, but rather about day to day living." --American Marathon Star/Olympian Ryan Hall

"I dream my painting and then I paint my dream" --Vincent Van Gogh (Even he recognized the value in visualization!)

"You can't fly with the Falcons if you hoot with the night-owls!" --Bob Nicholson

"Anything can happen. I've seen entire teams come down with the flu the day of a race." --Bob Nicholson addressing the 1974 Thornridge Cross-Country team just before the Sectional Championships and explaining how we might beat someone that day. ( Everyone was healthy that day. We finished 15th out of 15...the following year we missed qualifying for the State Meet by a mere 2 points.)