Upcoming Reunions

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our site.  We hope that you have an enjoyable experience here and are able to reconnect with you past classmates.  With that said, we hope everyone enjoys your Tunstall High School Class of 1990 20 Year Reunion.  We would like for you to complete this small survey to help us make future reunion plans (i.e. 25 Year Reunion and 30 Year Reunion).  Please visit the "User Forums" for your comments, ideas and suggestions to any up coming reunions.

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1)   * Would you like to see a Tunstall High School Class of 1990 25 Year Reunion?

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2)   * For a 30 Year Reunion, would you be interested in getting together a "Reunion Cruise Vacation?" We know this isn't something for everyone, but this would be like a "Pre-Reunion" get together, then the "Main Reunion" to follow.

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