"Some of Us" -Brenda

This is the speech delivered at the picnic by classmate Brenda Riggle Haymore.


Some of Us ………


                          30 years ago or to be more specific, approx. 42 years ago all of us here began life’s

journey thru the educational system. One by one, we mastered our ABC’s, 123’s,

emerging from elementary, evolving thru middle school then coming of age in high

school…… being known as the Class of 1978…the first class to go thru the

contemporary high school. We were proud to be a part of a new school curriculum, new

opportunities, new building, new everything and especially in this beautiful rural area

of southwest VA.

We were privileged…….


         And after graduation in June of ’78 we all went our separate ways to really taste,

savor and experience the real world. Sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet…..always



        Some of us …..moved to new places….. some of us stayed within our county

boundaries.  Some of us continued to pursue our education attending Comm. College,

trade school or higher educ. institutions while some of us went right into the work force.

Some of us married right out of high school and started precious families.  Some of us

took time off to find ourselves.  Some of us joined the Armed Forces at some point in life.

If you have served or are currently serving in an Armed Forces branch, please

stand…………. Not some but ALL of us thank you for serving our country and its core



   Some of us eventually married, stayed married, divorced, remarried or stayed single.

Some of us began our family legacies of children, grandchildren and yes…great

grandchildren! Some of us have experienced the miracle of birth.  Some have held hands

and weeped at the loss of a child, parent or spouse. Some of us will still go through those

life’s experiences.

Some of us have battled cancer and are survivors!!!!  Some courageously lost the battle.


     Some of us have had our body parts worked on to keep that young appearance.

Some of us prefer the natural aging process! Some of us have lost and gained weight and

gained and lost weight, lost hair and even regained hair!  But all of us are still here

because of medical advances that we never dreamed would occur in our lifetime.  Again,

we are privileged……..


      Some of us have traveled extensively, met famous people in all walks of life and have

been blessed with memorable moments, be they good or learned life lessons from the not

so good.

Some of us have found our inner soul through religion and found out it IS better to give

than to receive.  And some of us continue to search and that’s what one should

do……seek and ye shall find.


      So, as we gather for this 30th reunion, let us remember the good and bad of high

school and the life lessons we’ve learned in 30 years and how we all have become better

for it.  Isn’t it the truth the adage, ‘time flies as we get older?’   Whew!!!

       So…….hug your loved ones a little closer for they are truly gifts to you… savor life

no matter how sweet or bittersweet…. and  feel privileged for we ALL are blessed in

many, many ways.  Look at the glass of life half full and not half empty.

       And remember, life isn’t how many breaths you take but how much in life takes

your breath away.


                                                                                    Brenda Riggle Haymore