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Class of 1978 Reunion

Back Row (L-R): Shane Rowley (’78), Kelly Roll (’78), Terry Lewis (’78), Rodney Rowley (’81), Tony Anderson (’78), Jeff Marett (’78), Mike Meriwether (’78), Todd Millett (’78)

Front Row (L-R): Julia Elliott (’85), Veronica Elliott Spackman (’81), Dawnette Mayhew Browning (’76),  Gini Peatross Rowley (’82), Laura Potter Lawrence (’78), Kathy Peatross Marett (’78), DeAnn Mayhew Carter (’77), Tena Ivie Gines (’78)

Terry and Tori Lewis -- hard at work cooking a great meal!


Shane Rowley, Kathy Peatross Marett, and Jeff Marett

Shane Rowley, Gini Peatross Rowley, Rodney Rowley, Tony & Mary Lou Anderson

Jeff Marett and Mike Meriwether

Kathy Peatross Marett, Tena Ivie Gines & Shane Rowley

Mary Lou and Tony Anderson, Rodney Rowley

Tony and Mary Lou Anderson

Shane Rowley, Laura Potter Lawrence and her husband

Kathy Peatross Marett and Jeff Marett

Gini Peatross Rowley, Rodney Rowley, Terry Lewis, Tori Lewis (Terry's daughter)

Terry Lewis, Tori Lewis, and Mike Meriwether

Julia Elliott and Veronica Elliott Spackman

Kathy Peatross Marett, DeAnn Mayhew Carter, Tena Ivie Gines

The ladies...

Tena Ivie Gines, Jeff Marett and Mike Meriwether

Terry Lewis

Shane Rowley and Rodney Rowley (aka Uncle Rico)

Mary Lou Anderson, Kelly Roll, and Tony Anderson


The Class

A foreshadowing?  Who remembers what event this picture is from, and who these people are?

Another Senior Tea photo.  Who's the guy in the shades?  Who's wearing the brown leisure suit?


  Last Senior Tea photo.  Remember these two young ladies?

The graduation march...

The march continues...

Mr. Stott leads the ladies in song.

Debbie Joan Foy welcomes the audience, while Brad Allred adjusts his cap to the perfect angle.

Brook and Johnny present the class history.

The graduation program.

Senior Wills

The Uintah Basin Standard spotlights the Honor Graduates.

Our 15 minutes of fame...

Diplomas are awarded

We're outta' here!