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Catching Up

Informal meetings with classmates, on your travels, by accident or design. Share your photos and videos and tell us about who you met, where and when. Historical and hysterical accounts welcome. Email to cedric@cornerstonecouriers.co.za with details and captions if you require help with uploading.

Watch the recent DHS victory over Maritburg College


Greetings from our temporary home in Burnie Tasmania


These 3 videos were taken at the Founder's Day Assembly at DHS on Friday 2 June 2017

The DHS Band leads guests, Old Boys and Learners out of the DC Thompson Hall after the special assembly


The 2017 Prefects at DHS performing the War Cry at the Founder's Day Assembly


AJ (Tony) Human's speech at the Founder's Day Assembly at DHS on Friday 2 June 2017. School were honouring him in recognition of his 53 years of service to DHS. AJ is our very own "Mr Chips".


Posted by Cedric Parker on 4 June 2017

Graham Morrison kindly hosted the Reunion Committee at a lunch at the Durban Country Club on Friday 5 May 2017. It was great to see everyone again. Pic 1 shows Graham Raubenheimer, Geoff Caruth, Graham Morrison and Mike Buchanan - all deeply engrossed in conversation; Pic 2 shows Nigel Hollis, Stan Coffey, Don Atkinson, Denzil Andrews, Mike Bolstridge and Phillippe Bouffe; and pic 3 shows Don Atkinson (back of his head), Denzil Andrews, Phillippe Bouffe, Nigel Hollis, Graham Raubenheimer and Geoff Caruth. Unfortunately Richard Dent and Mike Mun-Gavin couldn't make it


Posted on: Apr 30, 2017 at 3:59 am by Mike Bolstridge

On a trip to the Cape and West Coast in March, I managed to locate and catch up with two classmates, Andy MacGregor and Ant Hay-Buchanan. Andy lives in Cape Town and Ant is up the West Coast in Saldanha. Both left a lasting impression on me with their intellect and passion for what they are doing. Andy is an engineer and has automated his home and appliances and can quote energy output and consumption

Andy is still actively consulting and talks passionately about further automation plans for the home as well as future collaboration plans with Ant on diamond exploration and location using satellite technology!

Ant loves life in Saldanha where he lectures at the local diving academy. We met with Ant at the academy where he showed us around the lecture rooms and the equipment rooms where they have several decompression chambers, diving helmets of various types, as well as compressors. Also went to the docks nearby where they have the boats tied up. All very interesting indeed. 
Ant also shared plans for a spell in Oman where the local police force have requested diving instruction and international certification which is what their dive school offers.
Sue and I really enjoyed catching up with Ant and Andy - both of whose lives are so interesting and far away from our comparatively humdrum daily life!


Posted on 26 April 2017

Meeting with Stuee Campbell in London

On a recent visit to London Felicity and I were delighted to be hosted by Stuee Campbell at one of his favourite restaurants in Belgravia - Oliveto. What a marvelous host he was! Not only was the meal superb - but Stuee shared much about what he has done since leaving DHS. A remarkable story - which I encouraged Stuee to have published one day. He then generously took us on a late night tour of the area - showing us the homes of the rich and famous (Mozart, Mary Shelley, Noel Coward, Margaret Thatcher, Lord Lucan, Matthew Arnold and others). What a wonderful evening it was! Pic 1: Felicity, Stuee and I at Olivetos; Pic 2: Stuee and Felicity outside Noel Coward's previous home; Pic 3: Felicity and I outside Mozart's previous home.


Posted on 26 April 2017

Meeting with Larry Butchins in Tel Aviv

On a recent visit to Israel Graham Morrison and Cedric Parker met up with Larry Butchins in Tel Aviv. Here are some photos we took and a video of an interview. Pic 1 shows myself, Felicity (my wife), Larry's wife Marlyn, and Larry. Pic 2: Marlyn, Larry, Judy (Graham's wife), Graham, Felicity and I in the lobby of the Ruth Daniel Hotel in Joppa - and then the video interview.


Originally posted on: Jan 20, 2017 at 4:11 pm

Nigel Hollis kindly hosted us for a superb lunch at the Durban Club earlier today. Pic 1: Mike Mun-Gavin; Denzil Andrews; Nigel Hollis; Graham Morrison and Mike Bolstridge (somewhat obliterated by his shiny halo!). Pic 2: Geoff Caruth; Stan Coffey and Graham Raubenheimer - all catching up in the pub before lunch. Pic 3: (around the table from left): Mike Bolstridge (his halo had slipped by now); Cedric Parker; Mike Mun-Gavin; Graham Morrison; Nigel Hollis; Geoff Caruth; Stan Coffey and Graham Raubenheimer - enjoying the Club's excellent fare. Sadly Geoff Caruth forgot to propose a toast to Her Majesty the Queen!


Christmas Braai in Mt Edgecombe
First posted Wednesday, January 18, 2017 03:56 PM from 

The organising committee were kindly hosted at a braai by Stan and Gail-Anne Coffey at their lovely home in Mount Edgecombe just before Christmas. Seen here from left to right (Pic 1): Nigel Hollis; Mike Buchanan; Graham Morrison; Mike Bolstridge and Stan Coffey observing the Master Braaier at work; (Pic 2): Janet & Geoff Caruth with Stan Coffey. (Pic 3): Linda Buchanan; Janet Caruth; Felicity Aldred-Parker; Judy Morrison; Gail-Anne Coffey and Suzanne Bolstridge - all looking gorgeous

What a wonderful afternoon we spent together! There was some dispute over who should get the last piece of Suzanne's delicious Melk Tert and Lemon Meringue Pie - and Geoff Caruth prevailed with his superior charm (damn it!) Sincere thanks to Stan and Gail-Anne