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05/09/08 12:07 PM #1    

Diana Hartley (Young)

Some classmates have brought up some other names from the past:

Joe Hikel
Susie Snow
Heather Hastings
Randy Banks
Wally Sandberg
Chris Houghton
Daria Balling

Do you know where any of these people are?

Can you think of someone else we may have forgotten?

05/13/08 05:49 AM #2    

David Mangene

Does anyone know of a decent hotel in Dover that's close to the Chop Shop?

see you soon,

David M.

05/15/08 08:11 AM #3    

Jennifer Stevens

Hey Dave,

I'm not sure how great it is, but it's the only place (except perhaps bed and breakfasts) within walking distance:

(And it's got a "Free Daybreak Breakfast with Waffle Station," so you can host those of us who can't make it to the Wentworth...)


05/15/08 01:55 PM #4    

David Mangene

Hey Jenn,

thanks for your response. Yes, that super waffle special sounds like just the thing. Good to see Dover's gone upscale...

see you in June and by the way, your profile is freaking hysterical. did you get those guys to pose like that or do they look like that naturally?


05/31/08 11:32 AM #5    

Tawny Weeks (Halloran)

Hi Dave-

Jenn had mentioned Inns and I thought of one that wasn't far from Orchard Street.. definitely walking distance

I don't know anything about it though, although my brother is sending some of his wedding guests there come Sept. so hopefully it isn't too bad! There are also several hotels near what used to be the Weeks traffic circle. About 2 miles from the reunion. If you'd like any info. about them, let me know and I'll send along phone numbers, etc! See you soon... Tawny

07/03/08 10:23 PM #6    

Crissy Curran (Dzielak)

Sure looked like fun. I'm very sorry to have missed out and will be contacting any of you NH people for my own reunion next time I'm back East! I'm also hoping to keep in touch and visit some of you fellow West-Coaster's.

Crissy Dzielak (Curran)

04/24/13 10:05 PM #7    


Heather Bergeron (Moran)

I am friends with Chris Hougton on facebook I will pm him, he lives in California now!  Here on the west coast our kids go back to school on August 14th, they get out May 24th, so mid August would never work for us!!!  Hoping the dates will work out, looking forward to catching up with all my age defing classmates!!!!

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