65th reunion minutes


The committee will meet at Hope Lutheran Church on September 8 at 10:30 a.m. to check the lay out.


65th Reunion Meeting

MINUTES – August 4, 2021



A meeting was held on August 4, 2021 in a meeting room at Arndts Church.  Class members in attendance were:  Lenny Buscemi, Judy Kahler Campbell, Janet Transue Herr, Sadie Mazzarese Fraccica, Bill Shoudt, Freda Essid Scarpa,  and Gino DiLorenzo.. Guests; Rocky Fraccica

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence was held for all deceased class members and the Military.

Popcorn, brownies and water were available.

The minutes of July 7th were changed to read, “cost per person $30”, removing “for the meal”.  The minutes were accepted as corrected.

Lenny presented the cover page of the newsletter and reunion application for discussion.. An “s” is to be added to the word portraits on the cover page.  Directions to Hope Church were changed to say, if using a GPS use the address 240 So. 8th Street, Tatamy, no GPS, follow Tatamy Road from Palmer Mall.  At the street after the traffic light at Mill Race Drive turn right, the church is on the right.  The reunion sign-up sheet was deemed to be correct.


Food Committee:Freda will purchase ready-made trays for the crackers and cheese and the cake for which she will be compensated.  Bill will supply lemonade and cups.  The gratuity for the caterer is included in his price quote.

Centerpiece Committee:  Judy brought several sample centerpieces and the majority choose the red/white decoration which she will purchase for 8 tables for which she will be compensated.  She will also supply the sticker name tags and sharpies.

Photo Committee:  No report.

Memorial Table:  Gino requested a larger table and he will purchase 10 more frames.

Baskets Committee:  Sadie has 4 gift certificates which will be placed in envelopes and given as prizes.  Members can help by getting more donations and alerting other class members of the need for more items. Len was asked to place a note in the newsletter asking class members if they would like to donate a basket. If so they should contact Sadie.

Class Book:  Lenny has prepared the Class Book and Janet will help to edit the book.  The Class Book will be handed out to class members as they leave the reunion, it will be mailed to non-attendees who have requested one.

Set-up Committee: Janet showed a hand drawn map of the Hall and the table set up with 10 tables, 6 seats per table.  Janet will arrange a date for the committee members to visit the Hall.  We will need a sign posted at the entrance.

Welcome Committee:  Freda volunteered to head the Welcome Committee.

50-50 Drawing:  Tickets will be included in the 3rd quarter  newsletter and the winners will be picked at the next meeting 9/15. A drawing will not be held at the reunion.

December 8th breakfast:  Attendees at the reunion will be asked if they can commit to attending the breakfast as the Palace requires a minimum of 25 people and a $100 deposit in order to have a reservation.

Donation:  It was suggested we make a donation to the church for the use of a meeting room, this was tabled for now.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday September 15, 2021, 1 p.m., at Arndts Church on Bushkill Drive. Please let Len (busent@rcn.com) or Janet (snookers2@yahoo.com) know if you plan to attend

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted:  Judy Campbell, Secretary